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Staying in (the M25) is the new going out! 

Going out….but not out out A year into our marriage we were enjoying a life in London, desperately trying to be cool, hip and young (ish). I worked for a design company in Soho and my husband had an enviable job in the music industry working in Kensington. We began to...


So if you’re thinking about making the move and want to talk to someone who’s done it in Devon get in touch, I’m happy to help.

We Bought a Ticket to Ryde

It was Boxing Day 2014 when we started to think about life by the sea. We were standing on Appley Beach at low tide with both our girls wrapped up warmly and happily jumping in puddles left by the receding tide when we sort of looked at each other and said ‘Hmmm, wouldn’t it be awesome to do this every day?’

Fluttering Hearts – when you know it’s right

Wow! It was a year ago that we made the decision that the time had come to escape the madness of London and move to a life less hectic, with more space and a better lifestyle.  It only took roughly 3 months from start to finish but in that time the key question needed...

City Living from London life

Rural v Urban Post London Life My husband Nick, and I lived in London, but soon after getting married decided to leave to find an affordable home where we could settle and start a family. We came to Cambridge by chance after I found a great job. We made our first...

Choosing where to move after New York

Why Cambridgeshire? I am often asked what made us move to Cambridgeshire. After all, we are a bit of an anomaly: our little family consists of me, British, brought up in hilly Herefordshire (where my parents still live); my husband, French Portuguese who grew up in...

Moving to Cambridge

We had a fairly typical London moment where the weekends we spent in the countryside became the part of our lives we most enjoyed. After much deliberation, we left our jobs and headed for Cambridge feeling it was the most obvious choice as that is where my husband is...

Real Stories moving back to Devon

Moving Back to Devon - Our Story Childhood Memories I was lucky enough to have spent my childhood in Devon, in a lovely house on the outskirts of Exeter overlooking the Haldon Hills. As a family we spent every weekend exploring the coastline, the moors  (Dartmoor and;...

Changing Area Can Open Up the Possibilities

Thaxted is a gorgeous little village where everyone asks your name. We have wonderful restaurants and pubs and if you leave our back gate, you can be in Thaxted in 20 mins-across the fields. We are still gobsmacked when we see deer!

Moving With Children and Starting Something New

Enjoy this guest post from Emma Hi. I’m Emma. A wife, mother of two little boys aged two and four and after moving house last July, I am now also the founder of the UK’s first on demand window cleaning service, Squeaky Clean. Moving is something I have done numerous...

London to Devon

Miles is a County Contact on Life After London so if you've any queries about moving to the area do get in touch and he'll be only too happy to help. Relocating from London to Devon I was just booking my tickets to London for my usual Christmas catch up with some old...

Cooking and moving to the Countryside

I've just been introduced to a lovely lady called Poppy Fraser.  Poppy kindly shared her moving story with us.  I'm particularly excited because Poppy has a book called 10 Minute Suppers for Children. I don't know about you but sometimes I find myself so bored by the...

Leaving London Not Quite the Dream

I recently met Helen on our Facebook page.  She promised to share her story and I'm delighted to be able to share it with you now. I left Highgate Village (N6) for Royston on the North Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire border on the 31st July, 2013. Having lived in London...

Real Story of Leaving London for Devon

This is our Life after London, and it’s just wonderful. Devon is a beautiful county; the green rolling hills go on forever making you fall in love with it. It is rich with history, the locals are so welcoming, and there is so much to see and do in such a short distance.

If you've moved, or you're in the process of moving do let me know and maybe you can write about your story!
We'd love it - warts and all!  If you are worried about your writing skill I'll be happy to edit for you (although I'm no pro!) but do let me know.
In the meantime  watch this space as we build up a library of real life stories!
All the best
Belinda Aspinall Life After London
Belinda Aspinall
Founder - Life After London

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