Radio Discussion about Raising Children out of London

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We are delighted to have been invited to chat on Drive Time with Eddie Nestor about the new research which says London is the worst place to raise children. The interview discussed a new report out about the best places to raise a family. London came out worst due to schooling, crime and house prices. The winner was apparently Newcastle and we will hope to link to the report shortly.

Why do people move out of London?

There are any number of reasons families come to us for help in their move - sometimes it's because they can't afford to buy a house in London, or the pollution has got too much, or they are fearful of the crimes rates or they haven't got a place in their local school.  For others, it's about the lifestyle and they crave a more rural upbringing for their family.  Generally, we find it's a combination of reasons and not one single factor.  It might be the money at the start but it becomes something far more as they begin their explorations into a potential move out of London.

Leap of Faith

We believe you don't need to take a leap of faith into the unknown because if you're making use of our online community and our personal bespoke reports you will know what you're stepping into and you'll be sure you're making the right move for your family.  We can help you narrow down the right area, and check you've thought of everything.

We can help you narrow down the right area, and check you've thought of everything.  For some we help by playing devils' advocate to the whole move  - to ensure you've focused on reality and not an impossible dream.

Some are at the earliest stage and want to talk over the whole idea of moving, and want to know what they should be doing and how to go about the whole process.

We know moving can be hard - there are so many things to consider and that's why we are here:  to walk you through the process and help create your new life outside London.

How can Life After London help you?

I'm so glad you asked - you'll be relieved to know we do have a few fantastic options for you - paid for and free.

  • Sign up and you'll receive our series of top tips and advice.  We'll send you prompts and ideas to help with the whole process.  You'll get access to events and one to one sessions as a member of our website.
  • Use our forums, populated by movers and people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.  They are amazing people, mums, dads, small and big business owners, stay-at-homers, 'go-out-to-workers' and everything in between.  If you post a question you'll get a response.
  • Book a consultation with our team.  Those consultations take place face to face or on Skype and allow you to talk over your move, the why, the how, the when.  The consultations give you a chance to talk about your concerns and clarify in your mind the next steps and how best to get the move happening, or to proactively decide to stay in London.
  • Commission a fully bespoke report from Life After London.  We have three tiers for our reports.  Peace of Mind Report - when you know the area where you want to move,  Finalising the Details Report - when you have a tight short list of places to move,  Personal Research Report  - when you don’t know the area where you want to move
  • We can connect you to the professionals you need for your move.  We have great relationships with mortgage brokers and conveyancers.  We also work closely with Buying Agents.  We regularly recommend their services because we know what great value they can add to your move.  Talk to us for access to our Little Black Book of the top people to help  you.

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