Bespoke Email


If you would like access to our membership this might be the service for you.

We send out one bespoke email a month to send to our members and these emails feature around 3 articles about a specific business.  Two of the articles will also be on our mail website and promoted through social media and all of them will link directly to the business website.

We work with businesses who fit our criteria to ensure our members only receive emails from those businesses and services that we believe offer a service of substantial quality and efficiency for us to recommend.

The cost of this is £100 and can be booked in advance.

To find out when the next available slot might be please email




Bespoke Email to the Life After London database


You supply 3 stories, one directly about your business, school or service and of the other two one should be a testimonial and one should related to something around the subject.  We will typeset them into our bespoke emails with images (supplied by you).  Two of the articles will be placed on our website as well.

The email will be sent at a time to suit you and us and will be followed up with a second promotion.

Please contact us to find out when the next available date will be for a bespoke email.



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