Moving With Children and Starting Something New

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Enjoy this guest post from Emma

Hi. I’m Emma. A wife, mother of two little boys aged two and four and after moving house last July, I am now also the founder of the UK’s first on demand window cleaning service, Squeaky Clean.

Moving is something I have done numerous times since leaving my parents house in Ostersund, a small town in the north of Sweden, at the age of nineteen. To and from England twice, to Paris and to Dubai but nothing has proved as emotional as leaving the house where your children have enjoyed their first years of life.

My husband and I first met ten years ago in Stockholm, Sweden. I had quite recently moved back from four years in Surrey but after just over a year in Sweden we decided to move to Dubai because we wanted a new challenge, and some warmer weather.


Dubai to Hampshire

We spent three great years in Dubai but decided that moving back to England was the right thing to do when we felt ready to start a family. We moved back to England in 2010 and bought a newly built 4 bedroom house in Bramley, Hampshire. We didn’t know anyone there but my husband knew of the area as he was brought up fairly nearby. At this time we didn’t think too much about schools etc as I wasn’t even pregnant yet, but that was one of the main reasons that we decided to move to Liss in Hampshire last year.


Getting Help

Moving is never easy but it doesn’t have to be that hard either. We made the decision to get as much professional help as we could to help it all go as smoothly as possibly. I would highly recommend getting a reputable removal company who do the whole lot for you from packing to unpacking and putting furniture together.
If you have children then plan a sleepover at a family member's house or at least a few hours with a babysitter. This takes away alot of the stress and leaves you with more time focusing on all the practicalities and actually enjoying the day.


Emotions run high

Moving house is emotional even though you can’t wait to move into your new house and a new chapter of life. For me leaving our house where our sons were tiny babies and a place where we have so many happy memories was much harder than I had imagined. A few tears definitely got shed before locking the door for the final time.


Our wish list

Our main reason for moving this time was to find a house within walking distance of a good primary school and nursery and in the catchment area of a great secondary school.

We also wanted a house that wasn’t part of an estate and had a good train service into London. I had never heard of Liss before we went to view our current home but knew of the other towns closer to London on the train line into London Waterloo. We worked our way down the train line to find a place within a comfortable commuting distance and where we could get a good sized house and garden for our budget.

When we walked into our house the first time we just felt it was right straight away even though it all needed to be modernised and I would like to add that 8 months after it still does! Pictures never do a house justice. You just have to see and feel the atmosphere for yourself.

We have now all we really need in walking distance which makes life easier. In less than 10 minutes we can walk to the doctor's surgery, the boys' nursery and the junior school as well as the train station, local shops and pubs. We've also got fantastic country lanes, fields and forests nearby.

I didn’t know a single person around Liss. However, I found that when moving with young children you quickly meet people in similar situations. Local playgrounds, parent groups on Facebook, libraries etc are a great way to meet new people and to feel a part of the community.

New Forest

Fresh Start

One of the great things that I ended up doing after moving house was to start the UK’s first on demand window cleaning service Squeaky Clean. I realised there was no where you could find, book and pay for a window cleaning when I needed to get my windows cleaned and as I didn’t know anyone in the area there was nowhere to get advice.

Nowadays you can almost get everything on demand so why shouldn’t there be an easier way to book and pay for a vetted professional window cleaner? When you move there are so many different services to change and new ones to set up. This is time consuming and can be somewhat confusing. At least now you don’t have to spend more than 60 seconds to get your properties windows sparkly clean 🙂

My advice on moving would be embrace the change and all new things around you to explore. Go with your gut feeling and really, just go for it!  Moving is an opportunity to start something new and should be exciting.

I hope you will find this article useful and make the decision to move somewhere you think will make you and your family happy. Don’t spend too much time online looking for the perfect house. Go and explore and get a feel for the wonderful towns and villages in the Home Counties and beyond. Good luck and please visit us at once you are settled in your new home.



Founder of Squeak Clean


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  1. Hi Emma,
    I love what you told in your blog that we need to embrace the changes and all the new things around you. In reality, it is quite hard to move from another country to another as there are some things you need to process on your visa papers etc. But, having settled and peacefully residing in the UK is a good thing for you and your family. Even though I am just moving to another house it is a tedious work for me and my husband, that’s why we hired some moving company and the best home cleaning services near in our area.


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