Moving to Cambridge

Moving to Cambridge

We had a fairly typical London moment where the weekends we spent in the countryside became the part of our lives we most enjoyed.

After much deliberation, we left our jobs and headed for Cambridge feeling it was the most obvious choice as that is where my husband is from. I am from Bath and frankly it seemed a little flat!

Both of us work in property and after 2 years of renting and looking around Cambridge we found our ideal house; albeit after a nail-biting competitive bidding situation.  We later discovered the owner and I were at the same school in Bath, some 35 years apart - I only wish we'd known that when writing our personal letter to him with our sealed bid.the-banks-1174964_1920

We have now lived in that house for 11 years, (surrounded by small hills!) extended twice and had 3 children. Our children cycle, play cricket and build dens in the village together.

field-644440_1920Our village doesn’t have the facilities one might seek when moving out of London but there are around 500 inhabitants with a strong sense of community and now great friends. Together we set up the village toddler group, Easter egghunts and discos, and fundraised for a new playground.   The older ones babysit and the parents share cider and honey!

Sadly, our village was recently hit by a once in a lifetime freak flash flood, several homes were knee deep in water and children and animals had to be lifted to safety. The support within the community was incredible and long before emergency assistance arrived villagers came together to help one another.

As a community we are all here to enjoy the countryside but also the fantastic facilities Cambridge offers, just a 25 minute drive away.  We can so easily pop  to central Cambridge for a look at the Egyptian Mummy in the Fitzwilliam museum for a school project, to learn to dive and rock climb or enjoy some sushi. The sense of community extends into Cambridge and through my work I have met some wonderful friends offering their incredible creative talent, personal experience and expertise in sourcing local craftsmen.

Cambridge is small enough that you will bump into friends, parents and colleagues but multinational and diverse enough to stretch your ambitions.

I love our move to Cambridgeshire and I can’t imagine living anywhere else despite my initial concerns.

Sarah Green is Director of Move to Cambridge relocations

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  1. “I love our move to Cambridge and I can’t imagine living anywhere else despite my initial concerns.”

    I ask this only as you run a relocations business. But if you are a 25 minute drive from Cambridge, might it be slightly fanciful to claim you actually live there? I am a 25 minutes drive from Romford. However I most definitely do not live in Romford.


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