Margot tries the good life

A few years ago I met a girl who was moving out of London.  She called herself Margot, of The Good Life fame.screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-19-50-15

She wasn't a country girl at heart and had serious nerves at the new life she was forging for her, her husband and her two little girls.    We met in Barnes before her big more and we talked...a lot - all about it and how to make it work.

She moved, and to say she embraced country life would be to rather belittle all her achievements.  Weston Patrick CottageShe's become a renowned writer on life in the country, (she writes a blog you should read) she's raised pigs and chickens as well as lambs and she's more than survived her transformation from self-confessed townie to an all out bumpkin (retaining her glamourous side still rocking a pair of heels and a designer outfit between wellies and jeans of course).

Soon after Margot moved I had the pleasure of visiting her home in the country.  It was surprisingly quick to drive from South West London and I was immediately charmed.  Despite being only 4 miles from Basingstoke it feels total rural and blissfully peaceful.    The house itself was delightful; so much character but most importantly for me, just the most lovely feel - an atmosphere that you can't buy.  Since she first moved we've met and chatted quite a lot - she regularly nips on the train to Waterloo to meet me, and others for meetings not least because it ensures Margot gets her London fix!  I'm not sure how she has found the time for any work between raising endless animals and fully refurbing the cottage - she's snuck in a Everhot in the beautiful kitchen and she is raving about it!  They've got themselves new windows, a new lawn, a new driveway and totally redecorated inside and out!screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-19-40-50screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-19-49-25

I won't say I was thrilled to know they were moving house knowing they have made it just so beautiful but a part of me was pleased... because now another lovely family will have the experience of this gorgeous home.  Margot is moving to a farm - she's had a taste of the good life and now she wants to go all out with a small holding.  She is generously giving someone else the chance to experience a gentle first step into the good life and life after London.

The house is on the market with Charters and it's worth a peep as it is just lovely!

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