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I pride myself on being a good packer, I keep our things in the smallest possible suitcase and I ration clothes so we don't take too much away.

Well that was then and now having just been on a family skiing holiday I prided myself on using my maximum baggage allowance in as many suitcases as possible.

Seriously, is it actually possible to pack light for skiing, particularly when you have just potty trained one small 2 year old (and it's a bit haphazard) and the chalet tell you there won't be a washing machine?

It turns out there was a washing machine and a very powerful and effective towel rail which ensured all of us wore pretty much the same clothes every day freshly laundered.  I'm trying to be pleased about that although in actual fact I'm wondering why I travelled with 5 pairs of trousers for the newly pant wearing one and multiple ski socks and thermals for the rest of us!  Hey ho.

The absolute joy of the situation was my new fancy method of travelling.   Gone is my hassled taxi ride or train to the airport replaced instead with a most civilised dropping the car at the terminal and coming back to receive the car ready and waiting.  Arriving at the airport car park handing over my keys couldn't be easier...and the return was equally satisfactory. I'll be honest, I've used a service like this once before and on return was waiting over 40 minutes for my car so I didn't hold out much hope.  These guys have nailed it though - the service was spot on.

Infact this time, despite having one child who had vomitted on the journey and was a rather nasty shade of green it couldn't have been easier.  Seriously, I will never again taxi or train to the airport - the quantity of luggage was no issue as it was all in our car and we were parked just by the lift so easy peasy lemon squeasy.  Getting into your own car is rather like climbing into your own bed when you've been away - it makes the return from a great holiday seem a bit less bleak.  It's just so much more relaxing.  I highly recommend the services of APH - thoroughly good sorts and super helpful.  It sounds terribly glam to be using a 'chauffeur parking' but with these guys it's good value and definitely worth it.

Shame that our arrival and departure in the resort wasn't quite so easy - lugging the 20kgs per person (without wheels) up a road for 10 minutes was not our finest hour.  I might write a blog about that experience sometime although it's hard not to sound terribly spoilt - why should carrying ones own suitcases and 3 children be such a bother!

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