Living In Devon–Quotes Directly from The Locals



"We live in Teignmouth, and it is very family friendly, with lots going on all year round. We seem to benefit from Torquay’s milder microclimate. There are 2 theatres, an Arts Quarter, a selection of great independent shops including galleries & we about to be put on the map further by the release of ‘The Mercy’ with Colin Firth, plus two beaches, traditional arcade on the pier, a proper promenade which is great for scooting on and a seafront skate park!"-- Instagram user @5movetodevon


"I'm based in a village just outside Exeter and have recently relocated from Cheltenham. One of the great benefits is the beautiful variety of scenery & walks - moors (Dartmoor is one of our favourites), beaches (Beer, Budleigh, north Devon beaches), woodlands (Killerton National Trust is beautiful) etc. As a dog walker and an avid dog lover, it has been the best decision we've made! Exeter is great for shopping & restaurants! The quay & Topsham are also lovely spots to potter around."-- Instagram user @beckylouise0119


"I think the selling point of Devon is that it has it all. Stunning Countryside and farmland, beaches and coastline, amazing moorland with stone circles and tors, ancient woods and forests, quaint villages and vibrant cities. Places to look out for are #denbury of course! Along with the bohemian town of Totnes with its river and castle, Exeter for city life, south Hams for the beaches and Dartmoor for the stunning scenery. House prices aren't too horrific and I think Devon is incredibly family friendly which is why we chose to raise our family here. The best bit for me is really the slower pace of life here. It can take a bit of getting used to, but it's so worth it! We might not have the massive variety of eating establishments that we had in London or the huge choice of different ethnic foods in supermarkets BUT farmers markets aplenty, fresh locally produced fruits, veg, dairy and meats,  (so many houses have a homemade stall outside them selling eggs, veg and jams - you can't get more local and fresh than that!) there's a good supply of organic foods and of course, heroes like @earthfoodlove who provide us with food with zero packaging."--Instagram user @denbury_in_devon




"It's all about the people! The people here have a "togetherness attitude". For's the people that make Glas-Denbury. One can sit and work on it all year but without the people that put those plans into practise and the people who all come and enjoy it, it wouldn't happen. So for me..its all about the people! (Oh and of course the incredible music artists, entertainers, poets, passionate about art people..the south west is teeming with amazing talented people! It's not just artists poets and musicians. It's people who have ideas and dreams to do something...Devon seems to gives them the freedom and inspiration to do it. It allows you to breathe and be real. There is no "keeping up with the Jones's" or having to conform to be accepted. People create their dreams. People are allowed to create their dreams and to be creative. I think for sure the countryside helps...the sea helps,..but for me its the soul of Devon that bleeds into people here and gives them a passion for life. Passion for community. Passion for making it good."  Instagram user @glas_denbury


"The pace of life in the South West is a little bit more relaxed compared with more developed and populated parts of the UK. This means that you can always find time and space to breath.

There are sleepy country villages with high streets full of boutique shops offering great products and service, perfect for a Saturday afternoon amble and browse. There are plenty of opportunities to take 20 minutes out for a coffee and one of the famous “Cream teas”, just be careful to check whether you’re in Devon or Cornwall before applying the jam or cream first!

Combine this with the relatively low cost of living (property prices in particular are very favourable compared to other parts of the UK) and the fact that it’s a brilliant place to raise a family and you soon realise that the West Country is a great place to live and work.

For active families you can choose between watersports, walking, cycling, horse riding or a myriad of adrenalin fueled pastimes and activities.

There is also a huge choice of attractions, theme parks, adventure centres, museums and galleries and other ways to entertain the kids than you could possibly need to fill those long school holidays. Your kids should never have an excuse to be bored in Devon!

For those into culture and history the South West has a rich heritage and the landscape is littered with ancient monuments, castles, ruins and stately homes, enough for the most vigorous of history hunters."--Dr David Gibson, Relocate South West LTD


Horses Dartmoor


"There’s too many good things to fit them all in! For us (10 years ago now) it was a case of being able to afford a family home in a good location which we couldn’t do nearer London (along with the offer of work). Now it’s the amazing outdoors lifestyle that we have - able to reach beach or moor easily, walk the dog off-lead moments from our house, take the children on bike rides on the lanes from our home, beautiful views wherever you go. And yet, I can be at the airport, mainline station or motorway in under 15 minutes (with free parking!). No where is particularly busy or pressured, traffic isn’t inhibitory, there are real communities to be part of. I feel my children are able to take part in any activities or sport that they want to try (lots on offer, no waiting lists, prices are reasonable) but also have lots of free play time outside with friends as that’s the norm where we are. Life isn’t as slick or up-to-date necessarily in some ways - mobile reception can be frustrating - but this affords my children a real childhood. They are remaining young for longer I think as life is a bit less commercialised (shops actually shut and you have to drive a long way for some stuff). Some things take a bit of adjusting to (why is no one hurrying?!!) but once you shift down a gear you can really appreciate why that’s a good thing! And most people here really value spending time with others and outside so you feel supported and encouraged to the same."--Instagram user @devondazeblog


"For us it's what it offers us as a family. We moved here last year from a big city. We wanted to be able to spend more days out together, exploring and having adventures. In the year we've been here, we've done more exploring and outings than we have ever done. The beaches are amazing and you can enjoy them in all seasons. The green areas are spectacular. So many beautiful woods, waterfalls and AONB to enjoy. Best decision we've ever made moving here."-- Instagram user@our_devon_adventures


"We have often been tempted by Devon. Dartmoor is brilliant with younger kids. Ponies, walks, wild swimming. Ashburton and Chagford have got some great shops too."--Instagram user@rubbastuff




"5 things we got right when we moved to Devon

  1. Moving to Devon- it is a wonderful county, not as crowded as London and a slower pace of life.
  2. Moving to a town with great facilities as well as being near the sea.
  3. Raising our son in fresh air, with an outdoor lifestyle and not having to worry so much about his safety.
  4. Making it possible for me to drop my son off to school every morning and get home for bedtime which would never have been possible in London.
  5. Finding the right place and therefore meeting likeminded friends and putting down roots."--Miles Kevin, Chartsedge


"Now we sit in our garden that overlooks the Grand Western Canal, listening to the birds singing. We watch the swans lazily swim past with their cygnets. House martins, swallows and birds of prey swoop overhead. We know that all the stress and hard work was worth it. This is our Life after London, and it’s just wonderful. Devon is a beautiful county; the green rolling hills go on forever making you fall in love with it. It is rich with history, the locals are so welcoming, and there is so much to see and do in such a short distance. We’re so glad that we made the move, and even though there are things we’ll miss about London, our quality of life is so much better, and we know that if we need it, the City is only a train ride or car journey away."--Chrissie Parker


"About 2 years ago we visited Exeter for a tentative look around. It seemed to have everything we wanted: a lively little city with culture, restaurants, history, shopping but a neatly packaged one with less than half the number of inhabitants of the London borough we wanted to leave. To the south the English Riviera and Jurassic coastline and to the north and west the rolling moors and countryside of Devon. 2 and a bit hours from London meant that family and friends would be easily reachable. It’s not cheap but vastly more affordable than London. Heads and hearts said this was the place."--Rachel


Devon beach



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