Independent Schools Show

Fast approaching is the Independent Schools Show in Battersea. Around 160 schools, under one roof, most of them out of London schools - a great opportunity for readers considering Independent Education out of London.independent schools show logo

Saturday 12 November 10:00-17:00 & Sunday 13 November 10:30-16:30
Battersea Evolution - London, SW11 4NJ 

I've been to the show and I'd love to share my thoughts.

Step one is pre register  - I'm not sure if they will charge after the end of September. Click Here for tickets

A few further thoughts below to help you focus and get the most out of your visit

  1. It's very, very daunting when you first walk in but a little bit of preparation before will help you make the best of it
  1. Write out a list of schools you are keen to visit and target them.  The prep and senior schools are more often than not mixed in together so keep focused on who you want to talk to.
  1. Be aware lots of the schools have sweets at children height so come armed with snacks if you're bringing children and you don't want them high on sugar.   It gets pretty crowded around some schools and you can find yourself waiting around a bit if you want to talk to them so take entertainment for small people.
  1. Take a notebook and keep notes.  You will forget however much you think you won't.

Independent Schools Show

  1. Schools give out lots of bags and packs with all their information.  Be prepared for information overload.  Don't feel you have to take the pack if you aren't interested.
  1. Different schools have different people on the stand.   You won't always meet the headteacher - it shouldn't matter but it is better to know in advance.  Don't assume it's a chance to meet the head.
  2. Some schools are proactive and jump up to talk to you, others take a more laid back approach.  Read what you will into that - different options suit different people.
  1. It does help to narrow down your visits for the purpose of the show.  You could consider going on both days if you have too many to see.  It's exhausting trying to take it all in particularly if you don't know what you're looking for at this stage.
  1. Their website has a good tool called Find Schools By Area - use it before you go.  You can highlight which schools you want to visit.  It won't give you a map of their location in the building so I'd recommend getting hold of the brochure on arrival and settling down for a coffee and marking out which schools you want to see before you start walking up and down the aisles. Click Here for the find schools tool
  2. They organise talks and some of them might appeal to you.  You can check the times and speakers in advance click here

I really hope some of this might be handy to make sure you make the most of this event.

It's a great resource with a good opportunity to meet staff from lots of schools.

Groundwork in advance will ensure you have a useful and productive visit.

Book your tickets and read more about the event here



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