Guidance for Property Professionals

We are extremely grateful for the fantastic advice provided by Property Professionals. Your in-depth local knowledge from across the UK, is invaluable to individuals making relocation decisions.

This is often a daunting process for those thinking of making the move and part of the appeal of Life After London is that we offer an independent, non-commercial service. The ethos of the forum is based-upon a free-flow of information from locals providing genuine, helpful advice.

Unless the question is property-related, we ask that you respect the spirit of the forum which is information-driven and not sales-driven. By all means, identify yourself as a property agent, but the focus should be on useful advice and the business plug should be subtle.

After all, in the eyes of the forum user, the merit of your business will be measured upon the usefulness of your advice and depth-understanding of a given area.

We hope this provides a framework for your response and we warmly welcome your invaluable input. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Here’s some quick Dos and Don'ts

Do please provide useful advice about an area.

Do write from the perspective of the reader – what would be helpful to them?

Do think about the context of your post – answers should be adding value to the thread.

Do enjoy the buzz that comes from helping a delighted forum user  

Don’t over-sell your business.

Don’t sell the benefits of your business if you are a search agent – there are several articles already on the site about this.

Don’t agonise too much about your response – if you follow these principles, it’s simple.