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General information about how Life After London operates

  • Membership of the website is totally free.
  • Life After London is funded through advertising and an affiliate programme.
  • Members ask questions about all aspects of moving houses in forums covering the whole of the UK.
  • 'County Contacts' are registered users who receive an email when a question in posted in their county.
  • Life After London are always on the look out for new County Contacts to join the website.
  • Articles are shared and e-guides produced and made available to all members of the website, answering general questions about moving, buying and selling houses, choosing schools, finding the right area and settling in to your new home

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Do you live outside of London?

If you're new to your area and you've got questions about your area please register and post your questions- we will find the right people to help with the answers you need.

Meanwhile can you help answer questions for others thinking about a move?

Registering is easy and we'd love you to agree to be a County Contact (for more information look at our Do you Live Out of London page to find out what is involved).

It's very simple.

You’ll get a quick email every time a message is posted in your county – to see if you can answer/direct someone to the answer.  If you can't answer perhaps you know someone else who can.

We will ask you to forward the link if you possibly can.

If you'd like to share your own story drop us a note - we always love to hear from people and we know our moving members love reading stories of those who live in other areas.

Are you are thinking about moving?

Your move is important to us and we can help you.

You might be moving from London or indeed any where in the world.

Visit the forums and post a question in the county to where you're moving if you know, or the General Chat conversations.

Don’t worry if you’re the first person in your area.  There are lots of people are ready to answer your questions and our job is to find people to help you.

Visit the County Contacts Map to see where the registered County Contacts are based and if you want to contact someone privately send them a message.

You can download our e-guides or read any of the advice articles or enjoy the stories written by those who have moved themselves.

We always love sharing stories of those who are on the move so do contact us if you feel able to share your journey.

One of the most helpful and well-resourced websites out there.

Henry Pryor

Life After London offers you advice from real people who live in the areas where you want to buy. So you can narrow down your search before you speak to the professionals about your own Big Move.

Knight Frank

Very helpful to see other info from people who have experienced a move out of London.


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