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I am a self confessed Rightmove Addict, simply put I have a Passion for Property.   I am also a serial house mover, moved close to 30 times in approximately 20 years yes this would put the fear of god into most people, but not me.  I have this thing that I get excited about the move, I move in, do everything I want and can afford to do, then the itchy feet feelings start again.

Most of my moves have been from one city and country to another and with each move a new beginning.  A fresh start is sometimes a good thing but its also hard.  Not only do you have to find your way around its finding new friends, social life and being able to exist outside the workplace circle.  There are no major formulas I can offer:

Move + Random people = friends

Its much more complicated than that.  I think the hardest thing is to make friends outside work – where do you meet them?   I think I have had some good moves and some really bad moves in this area.  Whilst I lived in Spain, I have been in a place where I felt isolated to being “the English girl with the black dog”.  Ok yes I need to explain more.

I fell for The Puppy Dog Eyes

One day in the office where I worked a girl brought in some abandoned puppies – queue the ahh’s, there was this tiny black puppy with these big eyes ….. don’t think I need to go on.  Anyway because I was in a studio apartment where pets were not allowed I moved to a house with a garden which cost the same, fantastic you may think! Yes and No – it was a row of about 12 houses only half were lived in full time and they were just off a busy road in the middle of nowhere.  I am not joking you had to drive to get anywhere and it was also 35 minutes drive to my friends and colleagues.  Life was difficult at times and often lonely.


Tip 1: Check out your surroundings

The perfect house on it's own but not if you want to live near a neighbour

Might be perfect but a bit lonesome if you planned on living near a neighbour....

Tip 2: Really think everything through and don’t be blown away by the property itself.

Tip 3:  Beware of friends showing you a puppy that needs a home

Tip 4: Have will power when that puppy looks you in the eye

After a several months of living there I realized what a huge mistake I had made and eventually found a one bed apartment in a village what was 95% Spanish, and no I could not speak the language.  Having my puppy who was growing into a big dog, meant that I met people.  First it was polite hello’s which developed to want to join us which developed unto friendships.

Tip 5: Having a Hobby or Shared Interest is a great way of meeting people.

Don’t get me wrong this is not easy and I have been there seeing things I wanted to do and haven’t had the guts (or supposed lack of time), to go.  I have even found myself not making the effort because I knew it was not my long term plan to live in a certain area – oh what I have missed.

Moving and establishing yourself in a new community and area takes time and hard work such as settling into a new job.

Tip 6: Make extra effort to accept any invitations 

Village Barn Dance

Say yes to everything - you never know what might happen!

 Yes accept any invitations you never know what it may lead to, I mean within reason.  It maybe not your cup of tea; or you may not want to do it again but you never know.  If you know someone who has moved into the area, make an extra effort to get to know them; imagine how it feels to be on the outside.

Tip 7: Face the Fear

Walking into a room of people you don’t know takes guts, don’t underestimate it.  Remember every person in that room at some point has had to go through the same thing so they understand.  The rewards of facing your fears are essential for making you feel settled quickly.  That’s what this is all about, allowing you to make that wonderful property you have seen turn into your home.

A home is not only about the building itself and your interior choices, its about how you feel there.

Tip 8: Positivity

You will be surprised how things are drawn to you and you are drawn to them the more positive you are.  I speak from experience.

Life After London is a fantastic, it allows you to find out all those things you need to know when moving to a new area and have no idea how to ask.  It allows you to start getting to know people in advance so hopefully if you want to take a Zumba class, a class member has already told you all about it.  Wish it had been around for each of my moves.

Tip 9: Join Life After London

If you haven’t checked out the site, join now.

Remember how hard it is to settle into a new area, new dwellers will be over the moon for your advice and maybe a coffee?


Andrea Morgan @RightmoveAddict


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