Found the perfect house?

You've spent months house hunting and finally found your perfect house....with great excitement you're all set to get the negotiations going BUT something is missing.

Expert Eye

You need an expert eye to look at what you're doing; you need someone to check if you have missed something; to double check the flooding; the council reports on proposed building; you need to ask the right questions and you need a plan for the negotiating.

We can't all be experts in everything - sensible people surround themselves by experts in their field. Why would we buy a property without asking for expert advice?

Who is your expert?

You might not need the services of a buying agent when you've already found the house but that doesn't mean you don't need someone to help you for this last bit.  I'm delighted that Henry Pryor offers such a service.  For just £100 he will check out the details of the house you've found, he'll ask the right questions of the selling agent, he will check what you might have missed.  He's a sort of 'fatherly figure' who you can ask.  He understand property, he understand the market and he'll give you valuable advice on your future house.

How much?

I won't guess how much you're spending on your move but with the cost of removals and stamp duty and the solicitors I think £100 is pretty much a bargain to pay for someone to cast their eye over your purchase.  It's really straightforward to get the service so just click this link and get your property under the microscope of Henry Pryor.



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