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    Hi Emma

    Devon is a fabulous county and a super place to live.

    I am a homefinder and my clients choose this county for all sorts of reasons. Without much more information from you it is difficult to be specific where to advise to live. Devon is a big county and there is quite a disparity in prices. Knowing the budget/type of property is essential. If you want to be near/in a city then Exeter is great and has most High Street names but like all major cities faces traffic issues at certain times. The villages around are very popular and have the ‘pull’of Exeter prices. I think the key is knowing where your husband will be working. Many people coming to Devon fail to realise that it can take some time to get from place to place, paricularly when you leave the main roads.

    A good place for starters would be the Ottery St Mary area. Close to coast, getting back to London, main road access and some super villages around. Further south then Totnes area could appeal. If you want Dartmoor then the towns off the A38 have variety. If you really wanted Dartmoor then Chagford or Moretonhamstead are well worth a look.

    Most communities have lots going on for families and families enjoy life in them. I am sure others will let you know more from their experiences.

    Happy to chat further and please feel free to contact me direct info@devonhomefinder or my website has lots of information on all parts of Devon.

    Happy to chat further and advise d


    Hi John
    It’s a great decision to move to the West Country. I am sure you will love it.

    I operate Devon HomeFinder and search on behalf of clients in Devon.

    You describe the type of property you require and if you would like a professional to assist you, perhaps I can help. You mention Mid Devon which is great area for riding and holiday lets. There are certainly properties that fit your initial requirements but I would need to know more information before making specific suggestions.

    I do know that particular part of Devon as my parents lived there.

    If you would like to discuss this further without obligation please email direct.

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    Hi Suzanne
    Congratulations on relocating to Devon. It’s a fabulous county with something for everyone.

    Firstly, I am a homefinder and have worked in the area for ages. If I can be of any help in your search to rent/buy do please let me know.

    You don’t mention the reasons why you are not sold on Dawlish. If it is because of it being a larger town, then Teignmouth is probably also a no. You mention Shaldon, which is lovely and commands a premium price and initially I would suggest you also look at Bishopsteignton, Cockwood and Exminster, which are great villages, each with their own character.

    All these I understand have lots of things going on for all ages.

    Much will depend on the type of property you require, as to where you might find it and if you would like more help please email direct and we can discuss in far more detail.

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    Hi Louise
    I am a HomeFinder and if I can be of any help looking for you please let me know.
    I have helped lots of clients move to Devon and they each have their own reasons.
    Congratulations on deciding to live in Devon, it’s a great county. Regarding Lapford and travelling, it really depends on you. People do happily commute from here into Exeter every day, but it does take time for which you must make allowances. Village life is completely different from city and town living but if you plan and are prepared it does have many advantages. You mention being isolated? Isolated from what? If it’s things to do either as a pregnant mum or with a little one then you will find there is plenty going on to join and to give you the support. If it’s distance from a busy centre like Exeter then you must decide whether you want a more tranquil village way of life or not.

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    Hi Gareth
    Congratulations on your intended move to East Devon. It’s a wonderful part of the county to bring up a family.

    I am afraid I have no personal experience with either of the colleges and am replying to let you know that I am a HomeFinder.

    You may already be suited but if you require any assistance with any aspect related to your home move then do please get in touch.

    Philip Warner 01392 832634.

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    Hi Nerys

    Congratulations that you are looking at moving to South Devon, it is a wonderful part of the county and a great place to live and bring up a family.

    I thought I would post and offer my services to you as a HomeFinder as you may find it beneficial to have an experienced local professional to assist in your home move. Please look on for the services we offer.

    I am sorry that I do not have any personal experience about King Edward IV in Totnes although I have had friends whose children went there.

    If I can be of any help in other ways please let me know.

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    Hi Lucy. Firstly let me declare I am a Home Finder and if I can assist in any other way please let me know. info@devonhomefinder
    My son went to Exeter School from the age of 7 right through to A levels and left a few years ago. It was an excellent school for him. In addition to the academic standards which you can get from the stats they have excellent sports and other facilities and encourage students to participate in the many and varied ‘out of class’ clubs/activities. The teachers, including the Headmaster, were always approachable and encouraged him from the start which built his confidence and prepared him well for life after school. If it’s the same now wouldn’t have any problems in recommending the school.

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    Hi, as the previous reply said this a lovely part of the country with some great towns and villages. The coast, estuaries, Dartmoor and beautiful countryside all within easy reach. In reality Exeter is a growing city and does have its traffic problems as do all other major centres. Depending where the school is will have a bearing on where I would suggest you start to look. For example crossing the the river does produce pinch points.
    Any of the villages within usual commuting are popular and it would be helpful to know if you have any other specific requirements before making suggestions as each village is different in the type of property available, price and amenities. (If you need access to shops, other facilities, Post Office, sports facilities, major roads, train station, etc)
    I would be happy to talk further direct and make suggestions. I am a home finder and do know the Exeter area very well. Please email without any obligation.

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    Hi Lottie
    Topsham is fabulous and there lots of reasons why people to live there. Renting first is an excellent idea. I am very familiar with the area and live 5 miles away. I don’t know if you have yet come to any decisions but happy to make suggestions given a little more information.

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    Hi Katy
    Please feel free to email direct with any personal information.

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    You have picked a fabulous part of the county. Regarding the schools I do not have any experience with the senior schools but understand that Churston Ferrers has an excellent reputation. I would suggest you contact them and find out the competition for places, although this could change over the next few years.
    Most of the village primary schools are excellent as the communities they serve are not large and numbers in the school are relatively small, this means there is more individual attention. It is difficult to tell from the information what their ethos is and I would always suggest you arrange a visit to them.
    I think you will be made welcome in any community and perhaps before suggesting places it would be useful to know a few more things. Especially if you need access to any other facilities or the need to travel to other places except for work. Also, the type of home you require and the budget would be helpful to know as the availability of property can be a limiting factor. Is parking essential as many of the smaller homes do not have their own space, but there may be street parking nearby.
    I would be happy to chat this through further with a little bit more information.
    Philip Warner Devon HomeFinder

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    Just joined Life after London. As a Property Finder I work very closely with clients at all budget levels. The secret is to encourage clients to be active as well. They can often change their focus after a while. It’s very much a two way process. Devon is a great county and if you ever want to move here I can help.

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