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    Need to know about schools particulalrly secondary



    Hi Leila

    I live just outside Perth. I don’t know Dundee all that well, but know the surrounding area and will help in any way that I can. Is there anything else I can help with apart from schools? In the meantime, I am trying to think of friends who could help you with school info.




    Thanks Sarah and Valerie. My sister who was in Dundee for a year, studying told me positive feedback about Perth. The children and I visited her in Dundee in summer 2012 but did not manage to go to perth. We are considering moving to either Dundee or perth and have applied for job vacancy updates as I work as a children’s social worker. what is is like living in perth or surroundings in regards to children’s activities, house prices etc?



    Hi Leila, my daughter lives and works in Dundee and she said she hears quite mixed things about the schools in the area at work. But, Harris Academy (West End) has a good reputation, as do the High Schools in Carnoustie, Broughty Ferry and Monifieth. She says she has heard pretty bad things about Craigie High School, but then my niece and her husband fought to get their daughter into a Primary School within the catchment for Craigie High and she is doing really well.

    Some more links for you:

    http://pp.include-digital.com/table/state-secondary-schools-scotland – Grove Academy (in Broughty Ferry is 20th in Scotland and the only Dundee school to feature)

    Of course, there is also Dundee High School, which is the private school in the area. There are scholarships available as well as fee-paying places.

    For inspection reports of any school in Scotland you need to look at the Education Scotland (previously known as HM Inspectorate of Education or HMIE) website http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/inspectionandreview/reports/school/index.asp – OFSTED only operate in England and Wales.

    Hope that helps.



    From time to time you’ll see organisations announce the “best place to live” – Perth has won this accolade a few times, but I don’t recall Dundee ever winning it. Perth seems to have a better image than Dundee, but there are good and bad properties in both cities. There may be more social work opportunities in Dundee for you.



    Hi, I live in dundee and as with most places you get mixed reviews about schools. I went to catholic school in dundee which has now been knocked down, but my nephew is at its replacement St. Paul’s and its a complete new build so facilities are great, teachers merged from 2 schools and I’ve heard there is a bit of competitiveness between teaching staff so could be a good thing for the kids. The other catholic school is St. John’s, always had a good reputation. Harris Academy always had an ok reputation but it is expected to be re-built in the coming years so there may be some moving about whilst this is done, might have some negative impact. Morgan academy is a good school, grove is the secondary school that’s serves broughty ferry, where its is believed to be the best schools in dundee, I have other opinions as the parents can’t follow rules there for collecting their kids so how they expect their children to follow rules… Well who knows!!
    Menzieshill is a small secondary school and it also houses the young mums of dundee I believe but having spoken to a teacher who recently re-located to Menzieshill the pupils are nice, the staff like their jobs and the school is kitted out with all mod cons.
    Baldragon, Braeview, Craigiehigh all have questionable reputations but it depends who you talk to.
    For Monifieth & Carnoustie you will have to live in Angus for your children to attend these schools as they are different councils, although I’ve not heard great things of Monifieth High recently.
    I hope this helps! My school was a mix of feeders of good and not so good areas (although I did leave school in 1998) but I don’t think this had any ill effect on my education (please don’t read anything into this post as a guide) 🙂
    Good luck with the move!



    I spent time in many (not all) secondary and primary schools with my work for a few years. Every school is different as they try to meet the needs of their catchment areas as well as academic attainment.

    These are the secondary schools in Dundee (dundee city council). Baldragon Academy
    Braeview Academy
    Craigie High School
    Grove Academy
    Harris Academy
    Menzieshill High School
    Morgan Academy

    St John’s RC High School
    St Paul’s RC Academy

    All information regarding HMIE Inspections can be found on Scottish Schools online – http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/scottishschoolsonline/othersearches.asp

    Harris, Morgan and Grove have good attainment results (eg above the city and Scottish averages). I personally think looking at S5 attainment is best, as this is the year where most pupils will sit their higher exams.

    There are other schools close by in Angus such as Monifieth and Carnoustie, both of which have good reputations.



    For Dundee, I’d recommend Grove Academy for the Broughty Ferry area. If it’s west end of Dundee, then Harris Academy. There is also the private school in the city centre which is The High School of Dundee. Grove Academy recently had a new building built which now houses a gym and swimming pool. The feeder primaries for Grove include Eastern Primary, which is across the road from Grove, or Forthill Primary which is a 10min walk. Hope this helps!

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