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    We are thinking of moving to Winchester. My husband will have to commute into the city 5 days a week. He would get the early train at about 6.20am and then return from Waterloo on about the 5pm train…..
    Does anyone do this commute now? Am interested to know how people find it…..
    He ideally would like to work on the train – is this possible or are the trains packed out?
    Thanks in advance for any help.



    The times mentioned are about as heavily used as they could be. There are around 10,000 people who exit Winchester by train and car each day for work, so he will need to be on the front of the platform to make sure he stands a chance of getting a seat. Remember these services come up from Southampton and New Forest, so Winchester is mid way into the journey



    Hi Kate

    As Adrian said, it is a peak time to travel and it can be very busy – Winchester is such a popular commuter area! However, if you know the best time to go and the best place to stand on the platform, you can give yourself the best chance of getting a seat. Check out one of our blogs which explored this topic a little while ago:

    Nearby Southampton Airport Parkway is also a good option to start your commute from, as you have a far greater chance of getting a seat from here.

    Good luck!




    From my husband’s experience the morning trains are ok at 620, the worst are around 7ish. But on the way home the ones around 5 are very busy – he gets the 805 home in a bid to get a quieter train where he can work. But South West Trains are fairly reliable – my husband has only had a handful of disasterous journeys in 4 years. And the journey is less than an hour – which was the time it used to take us to tube it back to West London and we’d stand then. And when your husband arrives home he will be in the Best Place to live in England. You won’t regret it. We were London fans but knew we didn’t want our children to go to secondary school there so we moved when they were 7,5 and 2. Now my London friends are going through the 11 plus nightmare and we’ve got a choice of amazing state secondary schools. Good luck with your move.



    Thank you for all your comments! Very helpful

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