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    Looking to move somewhere nice but affordable in Hampshire. My partner works in Fleet and we have a 9 month old so schools are an important factor. Thinking of Church Crookham, Farnham area (although seems v pricey) or as far down as Winchester or Romsey. We want a 3/4 bed with a garden for about 450k, any suggestions would be most welcome, thanks!


    Karen, I am an Estate Agent in Fleet and would be pleased to answer any of your queries and help in your search. I worked in the area for the past 20+ years and Farnham is my home town.



    Hi Karen, I am an estate agent in Petersfield but we have another office which covers Haslemere. Both towns have great transport links and schooling although they might be a bit further out then your partner would like to travel. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further help 🙂



    Hi Karen, am based in Alton and have been for the last 15 years! Two kids at Eggar’s, secondary school, having been at local primary school. Spoilt for choice on some great primary schools in the area, as well as two other good secondary schools – Amery Hill and Perrins. Then we’ve also go Alton Sixth Form college which is fantastic – although you won’t have to think about that for a while! Alton is definitely cheaper than Farnham – at the end of the train line to Waterloo which takes just over 1 hour. Good range of shops and lovely Farmer’s Market each month, with ordinary market every Tuesday. Not far from M3, but would go via Farnham to Fleet in about 25mins, traffic permitting. Hope that gives you some ideas!



    Winchester will have the same issues with price as seen with Farnham, but this is due to top performing schools. Alton and district has been mentioned with Bentley performing at such a high standard. Hook is an option with infants and junior schools which ultimately feed Robert Mays. Basingstoke is cheap but the schooling is an issue, but easy enough for Fleet, but do look at Old Basing as there is a poular junior school there. Another top infants school is The Priory near Tadley is another good performer and prices are slightly better.



    Hi Karen,

    I am an Estate Agent working in Farnham, and I have also lived here for the past 7 years as well, our son is about to start school in September.

    I work across the Surrey and Hampshire border. We cover from Farnham town centre, then going West to Alton, South to Haslemere, East to Elstead and North to Ash Green/ Seale. Going East and North we overlap with our Guildford and Godalming offices.

    Farnham offers train services to London in under an hour. Some of the villages surrounding Farnham also provide a quieter lifestyle, and often can offer you more for your money. For instance Bentley village has a great buzz and a lovely lifestyle with a superb primary school, whilst also having a train line straight back into Farnham.

    If you would like any assistance with your search, or have any questions, then please do feel free to contact me as I would be more than happy to help.



    Hi Karen, I am a Property Search agent based in Hampshire. I grew up in Farnham and Fleet and now live near Alresford, and have 2 boys at the local secondary school there. There are so many great areas to live within easy access of Fleet, and we also have so many great schools here, both primary, secondary, state and private!
    Prices do vary from area to area, but will also depend on whether you are looking for your country cottage or more modern or contemporary property. It can sometimes be difficult to compare houses in different locations as they all offer something completely different, so it is important to work out what are you ‘must haves’ in terms of property. For example – property style, rural, village or town locations, number of bedrooms, outside space, walk or drive to schools etc etc…I know its difficult to know where to start sometimes but would be very happy to have a chat (no obligation) to help if you like, so feel free to contact me.



    We’ve just moved to a village just outside Winchester called Twyford which has easy access to the M3 for your partners drive to Fleet and it’s under 10 mins in to Winchester. Winchester is such an amazing city and such a friendly place. Prices are high but some areas of the city are cheaper than others especially in areas where there is lots of 1970’s ish housing but you’re still close to the city. I’d recommend a weekend in the town to look around all the areas and visit estate agents. Twyford’s a lovely village but prices are high. Maybe Otterbourne/Chandlers Ford might work for you – it’s near to the M3 for your partner to get to Fleet. And lots of good schools. Good luck with it all



    My husband comes from Chawton, nr Alton in Hampshire and it’s a lovely area. Would recommend it, lots of nice walks in the countryside – some lovely schools, good links to London. A lot of this area has been described very well in a post above. We sometimes go to a lovely pub in Faringdon which is nearby and I’ve always thought the houses around there are so gorgeous. Hope you find some useful information to help with your move!



    Hi, thanks for all your replies – there is some very useful information on here for us and lots for me to check out, Karen.



    Hi Karen – as Hampshire based property search agents who were born and bred here, we can give you completely unbiased advise so please feel free to contact us if you would just like an informal chat! Kate and Teresa


    Hello, I am also interested in this topic, but cannot seem to send messages to any of you.
    We live in Ash Vale and both work in Peasmarsh, Guildford. Thinking of starting a family and we want to buy a 3bed house within a reasonable commute to work, quiet and nice area, with reasonably priced nursery schools. The closer Guildford area seems too expensive. Any advice on a reasonable priced town, with fair transport system and good commute?


    Hi Tsvety sorry you’ve had trouble with the messaging system. We have a new website coming soon and hope the messaging will be easier and work better!
    You may find it easier to post a new question and then it will be sent out to everyone who lives in the areas you mention and we can see how we can help you with your queries.


    Hi Tsvety

    I am an independent buying agent and I’d be very happy to work with you to find a suitable property. Much will depend on your budget, how big a 3 bed property you are looking for, and what you feel is a reasonable commute. I’m based in Farnham, used to live in Ash Vale, and worked in Guildford for 10 years so I know the area very well.

    Please feel free to have a look at my website to see what I can offer, and email or phone me direct if you would like a “no obligation” chat. Since you are so local I’d be happy to meet up for a chat if you would like to.

    http://www.sanderlinghomesearch.com – 0800 999 5758 – 07769 32 5758

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