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    Belinda Aspinall

    Please can you help this lady with her question….

    I am considering a move from NW London to Winchester in the near future. Having visited recently, I very much liked the town, but would prefer to live just outside for a more semi-rural lifestyle as I plan to get a dog and will need open space on the doorstep. I am single with no children, so schools are not a consideration. I am self-employed and won’t be commuting to London so being right next to the train station is not necessary either.

    As I’ll be moving on my own I don’t want to feel isolated, so I’m looking for a friendly village with a decent high street within walking distance of all the essentials (food, post office, chemist, pubs/cafes, GP, vet, etc). Does anyone know much about Littleton, Sparsholt, Kings Worthy and Twyford etc and how they compare to each other? Any other suggestions most welcome.


    Hi, this is Tim of Charters.

    I have personally lived and worked the Winchester area for 20 years and I have moved about the city myself several times.

    Presently, our Charters Head Office is located in Kings Worthy, just outside the city centre, and my wife and I with our dog have now moved to this district of Kings Worthy.

    This locality has proved immensely successful and convenient. Our family unit enjoy the countryside on our doorstep with our dog and rarely do we now venture into the city unless for essential shopping or socialising! If we do we can walk along the river or grab a quick Bus – two every hour…

    I am more than willing to chat openly and honestly with you by answering any questions you may have.

    I am certain you will be made very welcome in all of our communities…

    Please feel free to call me on 01962 888930

    Tim Griffin (Charters Head Office).




    I’m Jo and I live in Alresford which is approximately 8 miles outside of Winchester. Littleton and Sparsholt are both lovely villages close to Winchester, however I’m not sure they have quite what you would be looking for in terms of amenenities and shops. They’ve both got lovely pubs, possibly a village shop and easy access to the beautiful Hampshire countryside but that’s all. Kings Worthy and Twyford are bigger and will offer a few more shops, pubs, doctors surgery and a cafe or two, but don’t have a “high street” so to speak of. Alresford however, as a market town, has so much more to offer but is not too big that it’s lost that semi-rural feel about it. Within minutes of the high street you can be walking along the river and into the countryside beyond. You might like to have a look at this website All Things Alresford which will give you a real feel for the place and, as an independent estate agent in the town, our article on “Buying a home in Alresford” will give you a flavour of the kind of property you could buy in here.

    If you decide to pop down and visit Alresford at all do let me know – my email is joanna@philipprado.com.
    I would be delighted to buy you a coffee and show you around.

    I hope that’s helpful and good luck with your plans!



    Belinda Aspinall

    Message below
    You should either consider living in Winchester itself as it is not a large city, but has a good buzz to it.

    Outside you should look at Sparsholt, Twyford and Easton. But also the larger villahes/small towns of Alresford and Stockbridge.

    Very happy to chat if you want to talk more about it.

    George Burnand BSc MRICS
    Strutt & Parker LLP, 6 Jewry Street, Winchester, SO23 8RZ
    Tel +44 (0) 1962 869999, Mob +44 (0) 7702 317249



    As others have said already, Littleton and Sparsholt do not have all the amenities you are after but both are lovely villages with a strong sense of community and fantastic pubs with delicious food. Sparsholt also has a great village shop which is also a post office and is the heart and soul of the village. Both these villages are just a short drive (around 5 mins) from Waitrose, Aldi a GP surgery and pharmacy in the suburb of Weeke in Winchester where there is a high street of shops along Stoney Lane.

    Kingsworthy and Twyford are bigger and again both have a strong sense of community although Kingsworthy does feel more like a suburb of Winchester than a village. They both also suffer a bit from road noise from the M3 or A34. Twyford has a more compact feel than Kingsworthy which is a bit spread out with some shops along Springvale Road, including a Tescos Express, pharmacy and The Good Life farm shop with a cafe (although this is technically in Headbourne Worthy). There is also a post office and good pub on London Road and a cluster of shops and GP surgery on Forbes Road. Twyford however has all the amenities close together – a fantastic village shop with a post office and great cafe below it (The Bean Below), 2 pubs including the Bugle Inn which is very highly regarded by foodies. A pharmacy in nearby Colden Common. None of these have a vet though – for that you will have to go into Winchester where there are several.

    Another village to consider could be Hursley which has a couple of good pubs (one with great food), a post office that sells a few food essentials and a butchers. Alresford, Stockbridge and Romsey are small towns that might also suit you well, where there is a larger variety of shops but a more rural feel than Winchester.

    We’ve written a couple of blogs on village life at http://www.scoutbee.co.uk/blog that you might find useful and if you need any further information at all, or help with your move, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Good luck!

    Nina and Jennie



    Great that’s you’re looking at Winchester – it’s an amazing place to live. I live in Twyford and whilst I love it and all the surrounding villages I would recommend that you look at living in Winchester itself. There are so many lovely places to live where you could be in walking distance of the town centre. I have 3 children who go to school in Twyford so our live does revolve around life here but if I don’t get out and go into Winchester a few times a week I’d go a bit crazy but then that’s just because I’ve been used to the hussle and bustle of London for so long. Good luck in your search.


    Belinda Aspinall

    Online Answer

    Hi there,

    I moved from NW London to Winchester 16 years ago. Since then I lived in a nearby rural villages and also Alresford, before moving back to the centre of Winchester. The main problem with satellite villages like Twyford, Kingsworthy, Littleton and Sparsholt is they’re a bit like London suburbia – lots of quiet streets and the odd mediocre pub. Personally I find them full of London commuters and not a real “village” community.

    I live near the water meadows (St Cross part of Winchester) which is great for dog-walking. But if you really don’t want to live in Winchester, then Alresford would be a good option. It’s a busy little market town and lots to do and get involved with – and has possibly one of the best tapas bars in the south.

    If you don’t mind moving a bit further out, then the rural villages are mostly lovely, houses are much cheaper and have great pubs. Village life is usually pretty busy, and you’re only ever 15-20 minutes drive from Winchester.

    Personally I prefer to live in Winchester because once a city girl, always a city girl. I like street lamps and a taxi service!

    If you need any more info, just email me at sales@thefeatherballoon.company.



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