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    We love where we live in West London but now really want to be near family and have a bigger garden. We are looking at moving towards Newark as my husband will still have to commute to work in London and my family are between Newark and Nottingham. We would rather be in a bigger village as I’m not sure we’re completely ready for the rural life but schools are really important to us as we want to move just before our son starts primary school. Any advice on good areas to live around Newark or any reason why this wouldn’t be a good place to go to gratefully received.



    Hello, where in London is partly an issue, as the main train lines go into different stations. The old GNER main line (the fastest as it has top priority over all other trains) goes into King’s Cross and stops at Newark North Gate, and sometimes also Newark.

    You will be dependent on a car as the bus services aren’t fabulous, but better than Devon, say. I’d split villages big enough into two – ex pit villages, and not had a pit villages, as they have a different population and cultural life/priorities as a rule. No one is better or worse, just different.

    What about Southwell? It’s a small town rather than a village but a lovely place.



    We moved up to Rutland (10 miles north of Stamford) 18 months ago which I know is south of Newark but if you’re interested in the Grantham or “south of” area then let me know and I may be able to help out! Commuting from Grantham is very easy!



    I have lived near Newark for 20 years. Its as easy for me to get to Grantham for shopping but sadly Grantham has suffered greatly over the last few yaers. Newark on the other hand is a great market town with most of the shops occupied. My village ,Orston has a top primary school-which a few years ago was only one of 4 in the whole country to attain the highest Ofsted report/grade. There is also very good choice of pre schools, including a nearby Montessori nursery as well as a good choice of high schools, one of which is a Grammer school at Grantham. The village is medium sized with a very good pub and deli/cafe. The village Hall has many community events as well as Brownies, Badminton & keep fit sessions.
    There are houses for sale in Orston too. It is 15 mins by car to Newark and 20 to Grantham-both have regular trains to London.



    Hi Kate,
    You doing excatly what I want to do. I have family in Newark and Mansfield and we want to move to the area from London. Hubby will still have to travel into London for work so we are trying to find out cost of daily tickets and which stations are best to travel from.
    Any advice welcome 🙂
    Sue any chance you could give the name of the Montessori school near you? I am a Montessori teacher and although I want some time out of working and managing a nursery to raise a family I am interested in sending my little to a Montessori school in the area…. but there doesn’t seem to be many around 🙁



    Hi all,
    Thank you for all your replies, extremely helpful; Sue – I actually went to brownies many years ago in Orston so know a bit about the village, it does seem like an option but maybe a bit far to drive every day for my husband for the train? Rosie – I would love to live in Southwell, it seems like a lovely place and a good compromise between busy town and quiet village but the property prices are just so much higher than anywhere around. Does anyone know much about the villages around there? We hope to come up again in a few weeks to have another look around to try and get a feel for where we might like to be. Megan – good luck with your move, you would definitely want to be near Newark or Grantham for the London Train. Whereabouts in London are you?

    Thank you all again, really appreciate the time you’ve taken to reply.


    Belinda Aspinall

    Message from http://hometohomecooking.webs.com/ who has a contact in the area…..
    Newark is a very nice place to live, easy access to the A1 and Grantham is only ten minute drive where we have great commute to London which is an hour and 5 on the train. Very pretty place to live! Of course, you also have Melton Mowbray which is gorgeous. Not sure on actual areas but is a sought after place to live! Hope this helps x



    Hi I moved up from London to Grantham about 10 years ago. Grantham has some really good schools including The Grantham Preparatory School, a Girl’s Grammar and Boy’s Grammar. Newark is a fantastic marketing town with some really good restaurants, music scene and local shops. They are 20 mins apart on the A1 and there are some great villages in between. I run thebestofgrantham and thebestofnewark if you need any more information. Good Newark Estate Agents are Alasdair Morrison and Jon Brambles http://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/newark/

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    Hi, we are independent land and estate agents in Newark, Southwell and the surrounding villages and happy to have a chat with anyone who would like some more information on the local area.

    Both Southwell and Newark are historic market towns with a wealth of amenities in the attractive Nottinghamshire countryside.

    Newark is the larger of the two towns and situated on the river Trent approximately 20 miles north east of Nottingham. This well serviced market town has lots to offer … some great places to eat and drink, individual retailers, various supermarkets and some great architecture. Surrounding Newark there are some lovely rural villages offering lots of different lifestyles.

    Southwell is an impressive Cathedral town nestled in the middle of the Nottinghamshire countryside. The attractive centre has lots of local shops, great places to grab a coffee and excellent schools. Surrounding this market town the pretty villages have some great communities and amenities too.

    The train links to London are a great draw if access to the capital is necessary. Not only is the service reliable but it is pretty quick too!

    We hope this gives you a taster of the local area but for some more specific information please do not hesitate to ask on here or give us a call on 01636 700888 / 01636 813971.

    Alasdair Morrison and Partners


    Hi Kate, we moved from South West London a year ago but have only been in Leicestershire for 3 months. My sons go to school in Loughborough which a half an hour away from Newark but very nr Notts. If you need help with the area give me a shout.



    Hi Megan, sorry its taken me a while to reply. The Montessori school I was referring to is at Stanton. Stanton Montessori . My son and many of his friends went there and the principal also does private tutoring for 11+ . There is another Montessori nursery some where in the vale of Belvoir but this is a much smaller one. Hope this helps.



    Correction the above should read STAUNTON. Not Stanton!



    I have heard that Balderton Newark Notts is nice to live. I am moving to newark and have used the website http://www.newarknotts.co.uk to find out about the area



    Hi I am putting my house up for sale in Coddington. Coddington is a lovely village and has a very sought after primary school with outstanding Ofsted reports. Very close to town, A1 and train stations. Lovely community with lots happening. I can definitely recommend this area of Newark.



    We are reluctantly selling our happy, family home as the last of our children flies the nest.
    We are situated 5 minutes walk from the centre of Southwell – a market town with a magnificent Cathedral and excellent local schools and amenities.
    Our 5 bedroom/3 bathroom home is set in almost an acre of beautiful, private, landscaped gardens.
    We are 15 minutes drive from Newark with its High Speed Rail link to King’sCross/St.Pancras. An ideal location for anyone wishing to live in a lovely part of the country but still commute to London for work. Nottingham City Centre is just 30 minutes drive away for The Royal Concert Hall,Theatre Royal and the Victoria and Broadmarsh shopping centres. There is easy access to the M1 and A1 motorways and to the Derbyshire and Lincolnshire countryside.
    We have lived in Southwell for 30 years and will remain in the town, but need to move to a smaller property.
    We are marketing our house through one of our local estate agents – ‘Gascoines’ – at £720k.
    They also advertise on Rightmove and Prime Location.

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