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    Hi – we are looking to move to Lincs and have looked at a few houses in Grantham which we like but are not too sure about the area itself. We know Lincoln very well but we aren’t too familiar with Grantham. We have had a drive/walk around the town and there a lot of empty shops which was a bit of a worry. Price wise property is great and so are the connections to London. But if we could get some feedback on the schools, area in general, streets to avoid, playgroups for children etc. that would be great.
    Thanks in advance



    I’ve lived in Grantham for 2 years having moved from between Newark and Lincoln. We moved with two small children because of the schools and links to London-both of which are excellent.
    Not sure how old your little ones are but there are great nurseries too.
    Yes, it does have empty shops but I don’t think Grantham is hugely different to anywhere else in that respect.
    North West of Grantham has nice housing stock (Barrowby Lodge, Barrowby Gate, Gonerby Hill Foot) as well as the Manthorpe Road area, and most of the surrounding villages are lovely.
    Hope that helps!


    Paula Anne

    Hi there, I don’t live in Grantham, but do live in East Lincolnshire – edge of the Wolds. One thing I will say about Grantham is the easy access to London via trains. My partner travels regularly from Grantham by train, but we have to drive all the way over there first, making it such along day. I think your choice is good from what you describe. Helen, obviously knows much more than me, as she actually lives there. My partner and I have been shopping in Grantham a few time and I would agree with you that one or two shops have closed down, but it’s much the same everywhere really isn’t it? Sorry I can’t help further, but I hope you find the information you need. All the best with your decision. Paula.



    Live just outside Grantham. Great for commuting up and down east side of UK and into London within the hour. Not too good for air travel but ok. Not at all good if needing to travel to Manchester, Birmingham etc.
    shops are atrocious with travel around town often congested, council seem blind to solving pressing issues.
    Education superb with two grammar schools, Kings for boys is especially great.
    Good eating places in locality although not particularly in the town.
    Gather town centre is rough at night, police tell me they have quite a drug issue, but where doesn’t.
    Only reason I would stay around area after kids have left education would be ease of commute to London, which probably says it all really.
    Just think there are so many nice places to live near better equipped towns.



    I live North of Grantham in a small village. Beautiful countryside. Moved from West London 4 years ago. I rarely need to go into town. If I want to clothes shop I tend to go to Nottingham – an hour by car, Lincoln is 45 mins, or Peterborough, usually on the train, which takes 20 mins. I shop online for food most weeks but there is Sainbury’s, Asda’s or Morrisons.
    The best Primary Schools tend to be CoE. My 3 children go to the Grammar Schools which have been great. The children get free bus travel too. I’m afraid I don’t know about playgroups.
    I kind of agree with Arthur, would we stay after the kids have left home? Ermmm… only for our beautiful view, which is stunning. It’s a crying shame, the town centre could be wonderful, and if it were we would probably stay.



    Thanks for the replies and information. It is really useful and certainly appreciated. We are now looking at villages outside of Grantham…any recommendations for ones with good facilities?

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