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    We found out this week that the house in Brightwell Cum Sotwell we hoped to buy has fallen through. Today I looked at another great house in the same village as well as one in Sutton Courtenay, both are possibilities! I looked at the school in Sutton Courtenay too which I was very impressed with and has space for my son. Any information on this village would be incredibly helpful, especially in relation to young children (age 2&4) Thank you in advance! Lucy



    Well, it’s good enough for Helena Bonham Carter! Sutton Courtenay seems a nice village and has some lovely pubs and fascinating history. It’s close to Abingdon, but also close to Didcot/Milton Park (pros and cons – great if you need to commute), so depends whereabouts in the village you’re going to be.
    Brightwell is beautiful, also fascinating history with the East India Trading Co – that’s why there’s so many manor houses, and I’d guess quite a lot quieter (there’s only one pub – but it’s fabulously friendly). Also, Wallingford, it’s nearest town is much smaller than Abingdon.
    Also worth considering your catchment for other stuff you’re going to do/have access to. Brightwell is between Wallingford and Didcot but easy to reach Henley, Reading and Oxford, access to M40. Sutton Courtenay is really just sandwiched between Abingdon and Didcot, but easier access to A34.

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