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    From Joyce:

    “I am solid south Londoner and lived here all my life but I am now a mother to a 2 year old boy and living in a flat with rubbish schools near by and having to work 12 hours has just pushed me to the edge . I have decided to move to Northampton near my cousin but like most people I am very nervous about the move. I was wondering if anyone knew where are the best areas to move to in Northampton. This will be my last move so want to make the right decision.”



    Hi Joyce,

    Northampton is a great choice for relocation, as there is loads of investment going on and a real drive to develop the town at the moment. It’s a particularly great place to start a business, with lots of support available, and v easy access to motorway and rail network.

    In terms of areas, I always think that there are nice people everywhere, and it mostly depends on you to get out there and find ‘your tribe’ wherever you live, so I’d begin with your budget, check how much that buys you across the town, and then explore if the area gives you what you need.

    Northampton is expanding quickly, with lots of new development going on. It is actually quite a compact town, and so you could consider living ‘out of town’ in a village, as there is some of the most beautiful countryside right on the doorstep. I live out in the NW direction, so I come in to town past the Sixfields leisure complex (football stadium, cinema, loads of restaurants, etc) and there are many new developments that are worth a look if a new build is of interest.

    A quick survey of friends would put the following near the top of their own lists, but this might be because we are located the western side ourselves, rather than that the east side is problematic :
    Abington, Duston, Dallington; Rothersthorpe; Gayton; Pattishall; Eastcote; Bugbrooke, the Houghtons, the Bringtons – and we can add almost all the villages to this list!

    Old Duston is perceived as ‘nicer’ than New Duston, but I have many friends very happy in ND, so it will be v individual decision. In the same vein, with the proviso that there are nice bits and nice people everywhere, they’d be less keen on living in: Semilong, Kingsthorpe, Kings’s Heath, Lings, Blackthorn

    Other info : St James is where the Saints Rugby ground is and Brackmills is industrial. Countryside, very broad generalisations : north-eastern and eastern direction gets flatter (Cambridgeshire / wider skies), western is more rolling countryside (Warwickshire / Cotswolds feel) If you don’t need to commute to London, going north of the town means you compete less with commuters (although it is still perfectly do-able)

    Hope this helps a bit !



    Hi Joyce
    I moved to Northamptonshire from London 16 years ago. We moved first to Kingsthorpe which was fine but not much of a community and then we moved to Brixworth which is much more of a community. Northamptonshire is a really lovely part of the world with plenty going on. I would advise you to rent at first so that you can have a good look at the county and also a good look at the schools as that will be important to you with a 2 year old son. There are good state schools but also good independent schools and it is worth looking at them all so that you can see what your choices are. Once you have decided on the school you would like for your son you can then find a house.
    good luck with the move.


    From a friend on Twitter:


    Anybody moving to Northamptonshire with young children I would recommend the East Hunsbury area. There are many facilities and you close to many amenities. Equally I would recommend South Northamptonshire. Many pretty villages although you will need to use a car to get round.

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards


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