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    I’m a freelance writer, early 30’s, recently moved back to Southampton after 11 years of living in London. I’m bored of working at home alone, and also would like to meet some like minded people who also live in Southampton. If anyone wants to start a shared working group and look for a space to work together, or if anyone knows of one already up and running, I’d love to hear from you.



    Hi Cristina

    Unfortunately we are based in Basingstoke so not aware of anything like this happening in Southampton. However it may be worth looking up any networking events as they can sometimes point you in the right direction

    Good luck!

    Kind regards
    Winkworth Basingstoke


    Good afternoon.

    Similarly, our Charters network heads back to London from Winchester! Sorry. I am affraid I dont know the Southampton scene at all, but the advice from Winkworth seems very sensible.

    All the best and WELCOME HOME…

    Tim (Charters)



    Thanks Anna! This looks great. Really appreciate you getting in touch.




    Thanks Tim! Southampton has changed a lot since i last lived here as a teen so much to reacquaint myself with.

    I visited Winchester recently. Absolutely love it now I’m old enough to appreciate its beauty and merits. Some fab pubs and restaurants too. Will definitely be a regular visitor.




    We live on the Hants/Berks border so I’m not aware of any in the Southampton area but maybe try “Hampshire Life”



    Hi Christina,

    I live in Romsey, so not too far from Southampton. I am a photographer and although I have lots of mummy friends I don’t know many people in the creative industry, so would love to meet up sometime?

    Jo xx



    I have shared workspace available in Southampton Hampshire. It’s a converted chapel in a cemetery on Southampton Common, its lovely! …when clients from London visit they say “wow I cant believe you work here!”. We have 12 desks on the ground floor with 3 currently available. Contact details on Chris

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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