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    Hi, we are considering making the move from London to Lindfield near Haywards Heath. We love the village and know it a little having lived nearby in Hurstpierpoint for a while. We have three girls aged 8, 5 and 7 months and are thinking ahead to when they will attend secondary school if we move to West Sussex. Does anyone have any experience or info on schools in this area – primary and secondary? Oath all Community School is n Lindfield. Would love to get n contact with a parent from this school f anyone knows one. Thanks in advance.



    Hi there – I live and work in Lindfield. Our 12y/o son is at Oathall and my 9y/o son is at Lindfield Primary. We have been happy with Lindfield Primary and especially impressed with Oathall. It’s a lovely school with excellent pastoral care, subject range and the newish head is excellent. My son is very happy there and thriving. If there is anything I can help you with/tell you about then just let me know. 🙂



    I live in Scaynes Hill very near to Haywards Heath (previously in Lindfield). I have 2 children – one who is now 19 (and went to Oat Hall) and the other who is 12 and has just left Blackthorns Primary School (which was fantastic) to go to secondary school. However we made sure that after our experience with our eldest daughter there was absolutely no way that our youngest would be going to Oat Hall. As alternatives to Oat Hall we looked at Warden Park and Chailey. Chailey was our first choice and is also more convenient for where we are but Warden Park was very good too and we would have been happy for our daughter to attend this school. Personally I would avoid Oat Hall at all costs. I hope this advice is helpful. Best wishes, H

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