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    We are ready to leave NW London and make a move to the country with our kids (10;13). We’re both born/bred Londoners and have spent 15 years building up a successful business which now runs with an MD at the helm but we’re ready for a more peaceful lifestyle! We have family in Newton Ferrers and friends in Totnes so Devon is our choice. I have three questions if anyone can help?

    1/ Is there a good, private school option (non-selective, traditional) for DD (13;Arty) and DS (10;Sporty)? If we got to Devon this winter they would be starting in Years 6 and 9 so a school which goes right through from junior to senior would be ideal.

    2/ Which towns/villages have good train links into London for once-a-week trips?

    3/ I hear some parts of Devon are rainy and some are not? We love Totnes (arty, hippy, independent shops) but hear this is in the rainy part! Anywhere similar but in the sunny part…?

    Thank you…



    Hi Sam,

    I am an ex Londoner and now live in Totnes which I love. The train to London Paddington takes about 3 hours.

    My son is 10 and he is going to start at Stover School nr Newton Abbott next year, he is sporty and they have great facilities there and is about 20 mins drive from Totnes or they do a pick up in the school bus. There is a new headmaster who seems really on the ball and we are quite impressed. You could also consider Mount Kelly in Tavistock which is very sporty and is located in the moor. There is also Plymouth College which we went to see which is quite academic but sporty as well especially swimming, this is a city centre location.

    With regard to the sun/rain (raining here at the moment!!) anything north of A38 on Dartmoor is wet. Totnes is not that rainy and is close to the coast when the sun does finally show its face.

    Let me know if I can be of any further help.

    PS I have my own estate agent so if you want to give me a call and have a general chat please do.



    I can’t help much with the schools, but being based on the North side of the Dartmoor National Park can agree that that Mount Kelly is first class.
    I do know about the rain though!
    We are based near to Okehampton ( Soakampton).
    If you take a line across from Tavistock to Newton Abbot, north of that line is wettest.
    I would say that Totnes rainfall would be less than north of the moor.



    Good afternoon Sam. I live in the beautiful town of Dartmouth as a search agent We cover the southwest, Cotwolds and London. Agree Stover school a great option, further afield heading into mid Devon you have Blundells school and yes Kelly, many a hockey match played there in my youth!

    I would say if you wish to head away from the rain (impossible on a day like today !) then Okehampton and north of Dartmoor has a higher rainfall than other areas, however we do benefit from a fruitful harvest and lush countryside, thanks to a bit of h2o !

    Many of my friends here commute on a regular bases to London. Yes Totnes is great for access, if not closer to Exeter to choose either Waterloo line (slower) and Paddington. I have some old clients who use Tiverton Parkway to Reading everyday ! How wifi has helped !

    Chartedge are very good to deal with (hi Miles)

    If you wish to speak over the phone then please do not hesitate to email me your details.



    Thanks everyone!

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