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    I just heard about Shiply Removals on the internet, just wondering if anyone has any experience of them – they seem like a good idea but would appreciate any thoughts.



    Hi there,
    I have used them a lot for moving 2nd hand pieces of furniture which I have bought on ebay or in person. Its quite a clever concept. It isn’t actually Shiply who do the moving – you just register with them whatever you want to be moved, with as much detail like measurments and photos as you can, and where you want it to be moved from and to. Then various removal companies bid online to take your stuff. You pick whichever company you like based on the price, and their previous ratings and reviews. When you’ve accepted, they get in touch with you and you arrange delivery. The companies are mostly removal companies who are doing that route anyway and have a space in their truck, or are just trying to get a bit of extra business.
    I’ve found it very useful for the things that i’ve been transporting – its quite good if you bought stuff on ebay or Preloved as you press a button and the details drop straight in so you don’t have to enter them. I’ve never used them as a ‘removal’s’ company, but I think people do, and if you look at the site, some people are transporting cars and things like that across Europe. You just have to put your trust in them, but they don’t want to ruin their ratings (like on ebay).
    Hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions.



    GB Liners are incredibly reliable and good I have used them personally and have recommended them to a number of clients who all sing their praises.



    but if someone really wants to know the bunch of companies those who provide offers, then one should visit search engine and find out theremovals directory, i am sure it will be helpful and having a flexibility to choose the best one,,,,



    There are many moving companies , its better to research well befor choosing one. aussie office is one of them they are quite reliable,visit their site and find out some more info……….



    I can recommend Coastline Removals They provide all types of removal services, (domestic, commercial, overseas) as well as storage and packaging facilities. But it’s definitely better to research, get free quotes from various companies so you can see whether there is one set price or if they are all offering different quotes.



    Maybe a bit late, but several of my friends have moved with Cavendish & Country – from what I hear the service is exceptional at a pretty competitive price. check out the testimonials which speak for themselves:
    they are based in south west London but I think they operate all around london.



    North London Removals is a company which can make relocation of commodities from one point to another very fast and secured. So if you are looking for high class removal services in London at affordable rates, then you should contact the company. Visit here


    Member is also a very helpful company. They assist with loading and offloading too.



    First, you need to look for an enterprise that offers binding estimates. If an organization’s estimates aren’t binding, it is able to increase your price at a second note, even on shifting day. Whilst you get a written estimate from a transferring corporation, it ought to say the words “binding estimate” on it. If it doesn’t, don’t conform to

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