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    I really enjoy reading the stories of leaving London and the general hints and advice that encourage me to keep focussed on my idea of relocating. But every story I read involves a couple moving. I don’t have a partner or kids but have a strong desire to relocate from west London to Exeter. It’s an area I’ve researched and I feel it ticks a lot of boxes: access to coast and countryside, thriving, vibrant local food and café scene, left-leaning politics, good local amenities and a road cycling club (cycling is a major hobby). But I am daunted at the prospect of moving along and taking the gamble of leaving strong social network behind and starting again in a new town. I don’t doubt that in time I would build a new circle of family and supporters, but initially I would be going it along. Has *anyone* out there moved alone? Where did you go? How did it work out? I’d love to share thoughts and ideas…. Many thanks. Ros

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