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    My husband and I are in desperate need of some help! We are currently living abroad due to my husband’s job but have just found out that we will be returning to the UK with his job. The move will be fairly soon! We will need to live some where outside London, ideally within an hour’s commute to London but area will also need to have good links to Birmingham, as my husband will have to go to Birmingham for work.

    To complicate matters, we have a 4 year old that will be starting reception this September so being somewhere with good schools is very important. I really don’t want to have her start school in September and then we realize the area doesn’t suit us and we have to move her.

    We also want a place that has lots to do for young families and a community feel. I know this seems like I’m asking for a lot but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for us. The most we would like to spend is £850,000 and that would be our upper limit. Thanks!



    Hi there

    We moved to Hertfordshire (from Birmingham!) about 9 months ago and did a bunch of analysis of commute times, house prices etc. my wife works in London and I go to Birmingham frequently. We also have 4 kids and did all the school stuff. And we’re also used to the international relocation thing ourselves as well. So we might be able to help a bit! Maybe easier to email me (Wouter) at



    Not sure about schools in Hertfordshire but I can help with the Birmingham commute as a transport buff.

    There are two lines to Birmingham – the West Coast and Chiltern mainlines. The problem is that there is no direct service from Hertfordshire to Birmingham. Your husband would certainly need to change trains.

    If you really need to be in Hertfordshire and your husband doesn’t mind a change in trains, Hemel Hempstead is about half an hour to London and about 100 minutes to Birmingham with a change in Milton Keynes. That doesn’t include the journey from both ends and I can’t comment on schooling in there.

    If you’re willing to go beyond Hertfordshire, Bicester and Banbury have direct and fast services to both London and Birmingham (about an hour to both). From what I’ve heard, the surrounding villages have very good communities and good schools.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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