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    Does anyone have experience of using a property search company? We’re thinking about it – haven’t been able to settle on an area yet.
    We’re also wondering, do any regular estate agents offer to drive you around an area on a ‘familiarisation tour’? Or is this expecting too much? Thanks for any thoughts.



    Dear Marion

    Apologies for the very late response – I hope the is still relevant.
    Estate agents are acting for the seller so unfortunately no they would not drive you around – they are however keen to show you the streets or villages of the houses they are currently selling.

    Property search agents will take you on an orientation tour and point out available properties with a variety of estate agents and also help you pinpoint the area by considering your work and school commute, lifestyle and budget. Property search agents should have a good understanding of house prices within your search area and whether demand is high, they often also have access to ‘off market’ properties. Access to these off market properties is usually through local contacts, builders or good working relationships with estate agents, often owners would prefer to keep their home private and not on the internet.

    A property agent is an invaluable tool to a purchaser as they should help you choose the area, gain access to all available properties within that area and negotiate the best price – you can often save their fee.

    Good luck with your property search.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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