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    Belinda Aspinall

    Does anyone know anything about Pirbright and Brookwood in Surrey.

    We are moving there with 2 young boys and my husband will be commuting every day. I’d love to find out about the community/schools etc.



    Belinda sorry something seems to have gone with the reply. Here is what it should have been.

    Brookwood is a great spot, with one of its main selling points being the Brookwood Station. The station is becoming an ever increasingly popular hub due to Wokings stations commuter congestion in the early morning, and the fact that Brookwood is able to offer a seat on the train, only adding approximately 10 minutes to the overall journey to Waterloo. Pirbright also benefits from the use of the station but maintains a bit more of a rural feel.

    What brings a lot of buyers to these areas is actually the fact they maintain a community feel with restaurants/bars etc, whilst also having commuter links on offer. As Woking centre becomes more congested, London buyers are looking for a greener, rural location but still of course need good rail links, and so I direct them the way of Brookwood/Pirbright on most occasions.

    In way of schooling, Pirbright has the Village Primary School – http://www.pirbrightvillageprimaryschool.com/ – ranked in the top 10% of schools in the UK, with an ofsted of 3 out of 4. There are also the Worplesdon Primary School (Ofsted 3 of 4), and the Brookwood Primary School which is not as highly rated at 2 of 4 Ofsted.

    In regards to secondary education, I would suggest the Winston Churchill School – http://student.wcsc.org.uk/ – Again has an ofsted of 3 out of 4, with a relatively large catchment area, and good results all round. (80% of parents recommend the school, with figure taken from the Ofsted website)



    We moved to Brookwood/Pirbright last Summer after being in SW1 for 18 years. And we are loving it so far.
    Good commuter link for me to get back into London and good life for the Children. Lots of green open spaces. Love cycling or walking along the canal.
    Agree with Andrew but just to note that Brookwood school was re evaluated by ofsted earlier this year and is now also a ‘Good’ school 3 out of 4 rating like Pirbright Village and Worplesdon.



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