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    I have been searching for more recent information on how commuters find the car park situation at Grateley station? Last threads I could find dated back to 2014.
    I know they have built a second carpark last year, and wondered if anyone knows whether you can find parking easiliy at the station before the 6.57 or 7.27 from Grateley to London? It will be a daily commute…so really need to be able to get parking easily.

    I was also trying to find information on parking for scooters/motorbikes at the station so if anyone have information on that it will be great.
    We are considering Ludgershall area and according to google maps its around a 15min drive to Grateley station;if anyone happen to know if there is lots of traffic on the route it will be helpful too.

    Any help or advicde will be much appreciated.



    For years Grateley was overlooked by the commuters as it was on the wrong side of Andover and the hour journey time….until everyone woke up to the overall journey time including parking etc being about the same as it is on the faster services but with difficult parking. The car park has grown as a result of so many around the Test Valley now using it for convenience you will need to be there early. This will vary as some decide once moving out, they can work from home a couple of days a week so might help occasionally This means look at services before 7 am, as the lanes are narrow. Ludgershall is the same journey time to get to Andover.


    Belinda Aspinall

    On our facebook group someone has posted that her husband commutes from Andover which is the same distance from Ludgershall because of the bigger car park and the more frequent trains.



    Many thanks the information has been very helpful. Will now also explore the Andover parking option.

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