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    Does anyone live in Odiham or Crondall please?
    We are leaving London and looking for commuterable (to London) area to live in Surrey/Hampshire… within 45 mins drive if my family in Chobham… discovered Odiham and Crondall and LOVED them!! My husband wants rural village, I’m used to town/shops, so love the beauty/ shops of Odiham and think Crondall is beautiful and easy access to Farnham…
    Just wonder why nobody has recommended in the past!.. am I missing something?
    Wondering what bus links are like into nearby towns eg Farnham? Any downsides? What’s the community like please? Commute? Schools?
    Thank you…



    I’m sorry I have oly just seen your question. Both Odiham and Crondall are really great areas simply lovely and super commutes. There are good local pubs and restaurants. Good schools and no you’re not missng anything.

    Bus links aren’t great (they aren’t anywhere in the country really) but you can do your everyday shopping in Odiham.
    They are a good inbetween town and country – rural but not isolated.

    Odiham has a very high pensioner populaton whereas Crondall has more yound families, both have strong communities.

    Downsides are Farnborough airport which seems to be getting busier more private jets overhead. WE rented in Odiham when we first moved out of London and ended up moving further west because it was more rural but you sound as though you are looking for a mixture which would make these areas perfect for you.
    Kim Hall



    Thanks so much for reply. Have now ruled out living in Odiham.

    Interesting re airplanes.
    Out of interest where did you settle?



    We ended up in Ecchinswell a small village near Kingsclere, which is at the foot of Watership Down but many of the villages between Newbury and Basingstoke and to the east and west of Basingstoke are so pretty and very accessible to London and the Midlands. Just north of Odiham and Crondall lie the pretty villages/hamlets of Rotherwick, Mattingly, Hartley Westpall. Dummer is lovely (can be a bit of road noise) Hannington, Wolverton, Baughust (parts of) Burghclere, Highclere are all worth looking at. Good luck!



    Will have a look! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!



    Hi Lucy
    It sounds like we are doing a very similar thing, so I’m just curious how you are getting on rather than being able to give much advice based on living there already though I’m afraid. Have you found somewhere? We loved Crondall too, but not much of the type of house we are looking for there and quite a price premium. We are now looking around Dippenhall, but also around Mattingley, which I saw Kim mentioned above (which is lovely). Melanie.

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