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    Hi, we have just moved from London to west berks, living in Frilsham rg18, we have two little ones aged 3 1/2 and 2. We don’t really know the area or anyone so are looking forward to exploring the area and meeting a new circle of friends.
    We would be very grateful of any suggestions of good playgroups and activity places for the children.




    Found your post via Bee on Twitter. We’ve lived in West Berkshire for a good few years and love bringing up our 2yr old & 5 yr old up here. There’s always lots on in and around Newbury. Below are just a few of the things that leapt into my 5 year olds head when I asked her what she like to do best:

    – KrazyKlub & Eddie Catz are good for soft play plus children’s activities and classes,
    – Leapfrog Ceramics is great for a creative activity (and Christmas present ideas!),
    – Snelsmore Common, Greenham Common and The Chase (near Woolton Hill) are all good for bike rides / picnics / blackberry picking and just generally chasing the cobwebs away.
    – The Living Rainforest is a good day out too. It’s quite close to you and if they still run it in the same way, you buy your ticket the first time you go and then it remains valid for the rest of the year.
    – Beale Park, towards Reading is nice, although I think it’s about to close for the winter.
    – Finkley Down Farm Park is a great day out too, although I think it too is about to close for the winter & may be a bit of a trip for you as it’s down towards Andover.
    – We are based towards Highclere and there’s a lovely playgroup held in the church hall on a Thursday morning which would be worth a visit although it may be a bit of a journey for you. Otherwise, we have friends in East Ilsley and there always seems to be quite a lot happening there, in terms of toddler groups and mums nights out 🙂

    Hope you settle in well!




    Hi there, I have lived in West Berks for 18 months now, my children are older than yours but I nanny for 2 toddlers. There is a great playgroup on Mondays from 10-4 at the Childrens Centre in Pangbourne, in the grounds of Pangbourne Primary School. Beckie (above) has covered lots of the other activities around here. there is also a children’s centre in Thatcham which is lovely, not sure what days they run their playgroups but it will be on their website. All the best in your new home.
    Emily 🙂



    Hiya! Also found your post via twitter 🙂 I am an avon sales leader and I am currently recruiting reps in the area to show avon books to family and friends and within the local community. I have reps who have recently moved to this area and have found this opportunity to be a great way of having fun and meeting new people! Please reply if you may be interested 🙂 Sam xx



    Keep an eye out on the Beale Park website. I am introducing some exciting events!

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