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    We (husband and son aged 19 months) both aged 30 have just moved from Fulham in London to Topsham, Devon.We are renting as we are trying to find the best area around Exeter to settle in.
    We don’t know anyone in the area and looking to start a life in the West Country. Not sure if Topsham is the one but being out of London certainly is as we are looking for quality of life, good schools and the fresh air.
    If anyone has any advice on Topsham……do people of our age move here as it seems on the older side?any advice maybe on whether there are surrounding areas which would be better for us? places for my little one to meet friends that would be much appreciated.
    Also, anyone know any babysitters in the area?
    Many Thanks,



    Morning Lottie
    Very happy to give you some thoughts and ideas about the area. Just so you know i am a property search agent so might be able to help you on that front as well. Why don’t you send me an email with your number and perhaps we could have a chat as my typing isn’t as fast as it should be!
    Look forward to hearing from you.



    Lottie hi. I’m a journalist who lives in Topsham – I’ve lived here since 2001. I moved here in my early 40s, and a fair number of people do so. There ARE more older people (say, 60-plus) than the UK average but not more so than in much of the rest of the south west. Topsham School is heavily oversubscribed and operates a strict catchment area well within the town’s boundaries so (a) that indicates a fairly good number of local people and (b) has led many younger families to move to Topsham to get into the school. Certainly there are more younger families here now than at any time in my 12 years living here.

    It’s good for under-40 adults too, although they need good household income. There are several Good Food Guide restaurants and Exeter Chiefs’ ground is five minutes away. The place has great facilities for children – the best nearby beach is Exmouth, 10 minutes away. For adults, Exeter’s John Lewis is an eight minute train or 10 minute car ride from Topsham.

    There are downsides to Topsham – it’s house prices are very high and with only one or two notable exceptions the estate agents are not particularly good. It is also pretty busy during the summer which is excellent for traders but inevitably causes the odd parking irritation and the like.

    But overall, it’s very positive and not as much God’s Waiting Room as most coastal resorts in the south west.

    Let me know if you want more information.



    Hi Lottie,

    My husband and I moved to Devon from Battersea 8 years ago and after a false start found Totnes. The other place we were looking at was Topsham. I think both are very popular places for ex Londoners. We live on the outskirts and are 10 minutes from the nearest beach and a short walk from a fantastically vibrant high street with great shops and restaurants. It is a particularly beautiful area within commuting distance of Exeter whilst on the edge of the South Hams.
    The primary schools are great around here and there are two really good grammar schools within catchment.
    Property prices in Totnes reflect its popularity but it is well worth a look.
    Very happy to give you any more info you require.
    Happy hunting!



    Hi Lottie
    Topsham is fabulous and there lots of reasons why people to live there. Renting first is an excellent idea. I am very familiar with the area and live 5 miles away. I don’t know if you have yet come to any decisions but happy to make suggestions given a little more information.



    Hi Lottie
    I was just wondering how you got on? My husband (mid30s) and I (30) left London for cheltenham in 2010 and we’re now moving south for family reasons. My husband will work in exeter and we have a 15m old so we’re looking at villages south of exeter. Did you move to topsham? How have you found the move? Any advice would be great. I like the look of topsham but wondering if the other side of the estuary would be better for value etc! If anyone else has any advice that would be great! Thanks!



    Hi Anna, Topsham is unique and therefore yes is expensive as it has limited housing stock and great demand. It really depends on what you want and need, is it water or a good community, yes Topsham has both and that’s why it appeals but if you don’t need the water element then maybe one of the villages in the Teign Valley, such as Christow or going North of Exeter up the Exe Valley to a village called Silverton. Good luck its a great area. Christy.



    Hi Anna,
    Yes we did move to Topsham and have been incredibly happy here since May.We have no plans of moving at the moment,my son is registered at the local school and have met some fab people here!
    My husband works in Exeter and is really enjoying being there.
    It’s not a cheap option and it’s hard to find something as the housing market is crazy.
    I cant think of anywhere else I would rather be at this point in time. Good luck.

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