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    I wonder if somebody out there could help me please.

    I am looking for a change of lifestyle in semi-retirement and am considering moving up to Yorkshire from North London.
    The areas that I am considering are either, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire or the West Riding.
    I would like to live ideally in a property/area that overlooks country side but has access to a reasonable public transport system and amenities.
    The properties, of which I have been sent details by Estate agents that fit the bill for country views and proximity, are in small villages which have either non-existent or very irregular bus services. Other properties that are close to amenities are in the middle of towns on estates which I do not want at all.

    Are my requirements mutually exclusive or can somebody please suggest locations that possibly would fit the bill?

    Villages with an easy commute to either York or Beverley or Harrogate, would be ideal.




    Can I suggest you consider the edge of Knaresborough or possibly Boroughbridge? Both are good for buses and are close to the A1. I actually run Knaresborough Online (on a voluntary non-commercial basis) which includes loads of local information – feel free to contact me via the website if I can help further. I moved to Yorkshire from the midlands in 2000 and haven’t regretted a moment!




    I used to live in central London and am now based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I also happen to be a property consultant and help those looking to buy homes in Yorkshire and London.

    Please feel free to call me on 01423 788377 at your convenience and we can catch up in more detail. Alternatively please see my website ( to see more about what I do.

    Kind regards,




    Wow !! That’s a very big area to cover !! I am a Yorkshire lass living in the Northern part of the Yorkshire Dales, born in West Yorkshire and brought up in South Yorkshire.I’ve been tweeted to see if I can help with your question a little for you, so here goes ! My first thought is maybe the Otley/Ilkley area or up to Skipton which would be Wharfedale and on the outskirts of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Glorious countryside and some lovely little villages. Too far into the National Park and you start loosing the transport links more.

    If you want to be near York and Harrogate this puts you slap bang in commuter country as a lot of people commute to Leeds from these areas, (or did when I worked in Leeds 15 years ago!!) This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means you ahve access to plenty of amenities and there are plenty of pretty village to look at on the outskirts.

    West Yorkshire on the whole I have found more industrial and dark satanic mill like. Hills are more rugged. I was born in Halifax and love the ride over there, but don’t know the area well enough to comment really

    Beverley would be a totally diffwrent kettle of fish. Much smaller city and not as busy, Flatter landscape generally and nearere the coast and not too far to head into the North York Moors for an outing.

    It really is a hard one to pin down for you. I would suggest posting a similar question to We Love the Yorkshire Dales facebook page. Over 10k members and a very active page with many people living on the outskirts of the area and travelling into the Dales. I know you will get many helpful suggestions from there.



    Thanks everybody for the replies and for the contact information which will allow me continue to do ongoing research.

    @Wendy. Yes I realise that it is a big (very big) area to cover and that each one offers something different, but these are the areas that I am “aquainted” with and so they seemed to be the best places to start my search. The “We Love the Yorkshire Dales facebook page” seems like a good source of local information. Thanks for the link.





    Well you have to start somewhere 🙂 and no problem.

    A couple more Facebook links for you Stephen. Landscapes of Yorkshire and Northern Landscapes are ones I follow too and a bit broader range than just the Dales. There might be something in there that catches your eye for further investigation. Good luck with your search 🙂



    Hi Stephen,

    I moved from the South-East a number of years ago and moved to Bedale, North Yorkshire. This is the gateway to the Dales and is minutes from the A1, giving easy access to Harrogate, York and Darlington. It has great local services and community. Although as a market town you won’t get the countryside views directly from a property you are surrounded by beautiful countryside and the nearby villages may offer you properties which fit the bill. You are outside the golden triangle here, so you get a lot for your money.

    Good luck.




    Thanks for your input. I will have to add Bedale to my list.

    I suppose with a Town I ideally need to look for a property that is on the edge of town, hopefully with a view, but I take your point.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply




    I have lived in Ilkley for the last 20 years, and I love it! It is a beautiful town in a great setting, just on the edge of Ilkley moor. It is a short drive into the Yorkshire Dales and is a half hour train ride to Leeds and Bradford. The town is full of stylish cafes, restaurants and interesting shops and there is lots to do for all age groups. And if you are looking for new friends, my website togetherfriends has a vibrant group of ladies in Ilkley (and in other parts of Yorkshire) who meet for coffee and meals out on a regular basis!

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