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    My husband and I, along with our six month old daughter, are considering moving from south west London to Winchester. My husband would commute to London daily. We are keen for recommendations of where to live in the city (we need to be near to the train station but would also like to live in a family friendly area). Ideally we are looking for a 3/4 bed house with a garden.

    It would also be interesting to know how friendly Winchester is for new families. Is it reasonably easy to relocate there? Initially I will be at home with my daughter so would like to meet other mothers.



    Hello Victoria – I am one half of Goosechase Property Search, we specialise in helping people find property to buy or rent in Hampshire. Also, I grew up in Winchester and moved back here after 25 yrs in London ( I was an estate agent in Fulham for 20 yrs ) 2 yrs ago. I moved back for the schools and my children go to St Peters RC primary. Having left a great network of mums in Barons Court, I was worried about finding that again down here. However, it is such a friendly town with so much going on, it didn’t take long at all for us all to settle and we are so pleased we made this move. The kids have so much more freedom and a simpler way of life here – exactly what I wanted for them! I am happy to have a chat with you about the various area’s you should consider as it will all depend on your budget and requirements – please let me know if you would like my number.



    Hi Victoria – I would recommend Hyde particularly. Its got a good village feel, has plenty of young families and its close to the parks as well as being on the flat for a walk into Winchester.



    Thank you very much for the information. I will have a look at Hyde.

    Goosechase – it would be great to have a chat. I’ll contact you via your website.


    Hi Victoria

    I can echo what has been said about Hyde, as it appears to suit what you are looking for. Depending on your budget, you may also want to look at St Cross, or if you want to move to the edge of town (to get closer to open countryside whilst still a short cycle to the station) look at Littleton or even Sparsholt.

    Good luck with the move!




    Hi Victoria – I would definitely recommend moving to Winchester – it’s a very family friendly place. We lived for 6 months in Hyde and I loved it – so close to town and life and everyone’s very friendly. I went to loads of playgroups with my 2 1/2 year old and there are parks and also lots going on at the Riverpark Leisure Centre. Fulflood is also near to the station and full of families. We’re now in Twyford which is south of Winchester and my husband commutes from Shawford (although not everyday) which is 1 stop further on from Winchester. We love village life but also being only 10 mins away from Winchester. My husband’s found the commuting fine although he’s lucky he doesn’t have to go in every day and he doesn’t always travel at peak times. He loves his train journeys home as he really winds down before getting home. I think Littleton’s a great village as well – very close to the station. I know your little one is only small and school seems a long way off but do have a quick look at catchment areas (although I think they are all changing next year in the city centre) as whilst all schools are good there are some that are better than others. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.



    Hoping this isn’t too late for you. I have described Winchester for many years as the ‘village city’ as for a county town it is small, and the big employers are in the public sector. As with all things it depends on budget, Fulflood and Hyde are close to the station and have a similar feel with the Victo/Edwardian architecture, Hyde has the advantage of the sports centre, playing fields and rugby etc. A personal favourite is Orams Arbour which is literally next to the wander across the park and up the little streets. Be aware that there is a major re development scheme planned for the Police HQ which in the long run will be a good thing, but will cause chaosd when it starts. St Cross has been mentioned and do look around St Faiths Rd and its lovely junior school. Parts of Weeke are leafy and feel like the countryside and are within 1 1/2 miles, but there are better gardens and open countryside nearby. You will find that the edges of Winchester are all housing estates which are a different kettle of fish altogether. Avoid Stanmore, Badger Farm, Harestock, Winnall, Highcliffe.




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    I too am considering a move from NW London to Winchester in the near future. Having visited recently, I very much liked the town, but would prefer to live just outside for a more semi-rural lifestyle as I plan to get a dog and will need open space on the doorstep. I am single with no children, so schools are not a consideration. I won’t be commuting to London so being right next to the train station is not necessary either. As I’ll be moving on my own I don’t want to feel isolated, so I’m looking for a friendly village with a sprinkling of shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs etc. Does anyone know much about Littleton, Sparsholt, Kings Worthy and Twyford and how they compare to each other?

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