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    We are moving to Wiltshire and we are looking for a family house.
    I like Hungerford and Pewsey, so near there would be great.
    Our kids are going to boarding schools near by- that’s the reason we are leaving Derbyshire.
    We are looking for a small manor/ rectory- house, 5-8 bedrooms, 2-4 acres garden, end of village or in the country.
    Needs to have lovely views. Preferably done up- kitchen etc, but not necessary- we can do it, if the house got potential we can fix the rest.
    Would you know of a house like this? or are you thinking of moving?
    We would like to move in April/ May 2014, but could be later. we can’t earlier.



    Hello Beatrice

    The area you’re looking in is lovely, and there are plenty of properties matching your description. My advice to you though would be to leave it for a while and come back to your search in the summer. Anything you like now will have gone by the time you want to move, and agents will drop you from their lists if you register with them too early. Sorry to put a dampener on it, but looking for property can be an emotionally draining experience and it’s very easy to fall in love with a house which may be sold elsewhere by the time you can actually move. I would always recommend renting first, especially if you’re moving such a distance, so you can get to know some other areas which you might like just as much. It does mean moving twice though. Hope this is helpful! Jo


    Hello Beatrice,

    We completely agree with what Jo has said, very sound advice. I would go on to say that it is worth seriously thinking about your search area as you probably don’t want to be traveling more than 30-40 minutes to watch your children play sport or perform in concerts etc…

    I would suggest chatting with some local agents about your plans, your budget and what you are looking for. This will help to manage your expectations and give you an idea of what you can get for your money. We have vendors who will be putting their home on the market in the years to come so whilst it is a long way off we can give you an idea of what may be coming on.

    If we can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Kind regards,




    How very kind off you both!
    Yes, renting would be a great idea, but then moving twice, but if you get the right house and area it’s worth doing.
    I have contacted some local agents and they did say we needed to sell our house first, at least put it on the market! We are seeing a Nation wide agent next week- for this. Some one I spoke with said that we needed the money here and then if we wanted to by in Wiltshire, a seller said that if we were interested they would wait until we could move. But selling now is also fixing the idea of moving in our minds.
    Our daughter has her last term, and is going to another school in summer term 2014, so thats why we cant move from here before.
    Good idea with thinking of distances to schools. Our daughter is going to Dawn house and our son to Eton. Husband is still working 3 days in Rotherham- going up and down North-and I will then be alone in our house in Wiltshire. So thats also why we like a biggish house- big enough to have kids and friends to stay- but not massive- I don’t want to found myself with a to big house, to much land and outbuildings.
    If you have anything that might be of interests please let me know.
    Apparently the local estate agent has got 5 people wanting to look at our house so it should sell quickly, but we just can’t move until spring 2014.
    Kind regards,



    Our local Estate agent says he has some intressted Byers
    But I think it’s good to have a nation wide agent as well.
    We havn’t gone out publicly – there is no broschure
    No info on any website that we are selling.
    I wanted to touch up the house first. Nothing major
    Just a little bit of paint, which I try to do every year
    To keep on top of things anyway.
    Is this not necessary?
    Some one says – don’t bother-
    Some one else says- make it sparkle!
    What is your thought?



    Pewsey/Marlborough are lovely areas. Going on our experiences of trying to move from Wokingham to Wiltshire the properties go on the market and then are pretty much snapped up! I will keep an ear out for you!


    Hi Beatrice,

    Having your home on the market makes you a better buyer in the eyes of us estate agents, there is no doubt about that, and obviously the further down the line to be a cash buyer you are the more we like you! The fact of the matter is that we work for the vendors and our remit is to get them the best possible price for their home and if you aren’t on the market you aren’t in a position to buy.

    It is definitely worth ‘touching up’ your home to get it ready to go on the market, people will feel very more comfortable in a nicely presented home. But don’t go crazy as your buyers may not like what you have done and then redo it. So make it sparkle, on a strict budget!

    If you have buyers now who are happy to work with your timetable then that sounds ideal. Once you have established where you want to buy I would suggest registering with the local agents in that area and letting them know your plans and also keep an eye on Rightmove (or similar) to get an idea of house prices and what is out there.

    Kind regards,




    II big thank you to both off you for all kind and valuable info and advice.
    THank you- will have the painters in.
    I receive from “all” the websites. I haven’t found the house yet- after 6 months looking!

    As one child is going to be in Windsor and the other one in Thatcham, we need to decide as you mention, where we really want to live and how far we want to be from them.
    I like the area around Hungerford and towards there.
    But could you please- or anyone tell me more about these towns/ cities/ villages below?

    I am looking for an area that has got sweeping fields, some hills, quite rural, not far to a village/ town/ city. Not a big road- A just outside the house.

    Some running, walking paths nearby, a dream would be to put my shoes on, take the dog, and just get on with it- not having to take the car and drive to a nice e area.
    Without having a right of way passage- footpath- outside the kitchen window.
    If the village have a small spa shop where you can buy some milk and newspapers would be great.

    A family house with 5-8 bedrooms, with garage for 3 + cars, an outbuilding for lawn mowers etc., if pool and tennis court- great- but if not- Fine!

    But now- I would really appreciate some feedback regarding these towns and areas.


    Big Thank you!
    Kind regards,



    Hi Beatrice, don’t know if you’ve moved yet, but my house has recently gone on the market. It ticks every one of your boxes, but is a little further away than your mentioned area. We’ve brought all our kids up here, and had a ball doing it. We are now planning to downsize. Fantastic walking area, straight out of the back of our garden, on to open fields and also the Kennet and Avon canal. Our dogs love it! One pub, great communi shop, one school, one church – lots of dinner parties ……….. There’s plenty of space to build your pool in our garden. Have a look? Happy house hunting anyway, if you still are?



    Our house sale has taken us by surprise and we find ourselves in Wiltshire, just outside Salisbury. It is lovely, but I now have 2 weeks to find schools for our 4 daughters. Have researched state and private options – does anyone have children at St Edmund’s, South Wilts Grammar or The Godolphin/Salisbury Cathedral/Chafyn Grove. Would love to hear from you. Sophie



    Hi Sophie. Well done on your house sale! All my kids have let home now, and educated elsewhere in Wiltshire. But my godson went to Godolfin and came out with great exam results, a very nice bloke and well rounded. I hope this helps a bit.



    Thank you Bob, I appreciate you taking the time to respond on a Bank Holiday, your answer is very helpful. Sophie



    You’re welcome Sophie. Best of luck in your endeavours.

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