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    After over 20 years in London, my husband and our young family are on the move. Due to my husband’s work (Stourbridge and along the M40 corridor) we have been looking in Warwickshire and the West Midlands but have no idea where to settle. We’ve researched and visited Leamington Spa and have discounted as we don’t feel there’s enough for us to do or for when our kids turn into teens. Can anyone advise?

    We’re obviously looking for more green space but also cafes, parks, bars, restaurants, kids activities, schools and a cosmopolitan feel.

    Any advice would be appreciated…




    Cosmopolitan feel more than Leamington is not that easy to get unless you move to one of the bigger areas such as Solihull or possibly Worcester if that’s within your search area. Birmingham and its suburbs has a lot to offer as a buzzy, friendly city but green space is certainly more limited on a day to day basis. If greenery is important to you but you want to feel connected then maybe the “Meriden gap” between Solihull and Coventry might tick your boxes as the transport links are very good, even though the towns and villages are smaller.

    Happy to help if you have any more questions.



    Hi there, for many years I have been helping families like yours in this area. From your initial message I am not sure what you are trying to achieve ie the ‘country’ living or a town. A lot of this search will depend on schooling for your young – are you going down the private route or state. If the later being close to Stratford upon Avon would be a big plus due to the very good grammar schools both boys and girls. Stratford upon Avon would also give you the Cosmopolitan feel you would like.
    If I can be of help get in touch



    Thanks for your help 🙂



    Hey Chloe,

    How you getting on with your search? What is it you’re looking for a move to the country or a city? Birmingham is within commutable distance to the M40 corridor, have a look at Edgbaston or Harbourne. If you would prefer a town, Solihull would be good with lots of parks, as well as lots of things to do. If you would prefer a more rural feel then South Warwickshire would be better, like Stratford Upon Avon or surrounding villages. What activities do your children enjoy?



    Hi terrie,

    Thanks for getting in touch. So our move had stepped up a gear as our London property is now under offer. We’ve been up to Birmingham and spent time/driven round harbone, edgbaston, bourneville, and Solihull. We think Moseley is the right area for us but now not much on the market. Havent spent loads of time there so still abit of an unknown and leap of faith – if you have any insights that would be very helpful.

    My kids are 2.5 and 4, starting school in september so need to secure a school place (we arent religious) and also need nursey and kids activities such as softplay, trampolining, parks etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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