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    Hi, we’re moving from Send in Surrey (that was the stop gap from London!) to Rudgwick in Horsham. Does anyone know the village? I am worrying a bit about the commute, my husband goes to London every day and I have to go about once a week.

    It looks like we are about 7 miles from Horsham station which is quite far on a scooter so we may have to buy a second car. Is parking expensive? We can go from Billingshurst which is about 4 miles away, but it’s a longer journey and the trains are less frequent.

    I guess I’m after some reassurance that it’s possible and do-able!!

    Our kids will go to Rudgwick Primary or Loxwood, in case anyone has any views on either of those schools.

    Thanks very much!



    We moved to Horsham in January 2016 and, whilst we love the area, the trains are terrible. OK, so they run most of the time, but are subject to regular cancellations and strikes. Personally, if I was having to commute to London 5 days a week, I would not move anywhere on the Southern map. If you don’t actually have to be in Horsham I’d consider somewhere on SouthWestern (Dorking, Guildford and over to Hampshire). That said, I believe other train franchises are following Southern’s lead on strike action. Billingshurst is further out and so the train journey is longer – and fewer trains go there as the line splits.
    Horsham itself is lovely, loads going on for families and the schools are excellent.
    Sorry to be negative, but 5 days a week relying on the trains will be stressful. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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