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    My husband and I are looking to relocate to Malvern from Surrey to be closer to family in the Cotswolds. We are looking for a 4 bed Victorian/Georgian house in a great area. We seem to really like Malvern and it is close enough to Cheltenham, Worcester, Bham, Bristol if we need ‘more’.

    We have found a house we love by the common and Hayes Bank Road. My question is, is this a nice part of Malvern? We were blown away by the horse riders walking over the common and the view of the hills! We walked from here to the centre and we said we could imagine doing it on a weekend to get breakfast in one of the cafes. There were lots of farmers fields and great dog walks. I have seen on a previous post to avoid certain estates. Would the area I mentioned be far enough away? It looked lovely! I am finding it difficult trying to find a house we love, in the right area, whilst living hours away and having limited time to be able to get to Malvern to do research so any help would be hugely appreciated:-)

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