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    I will be moving soon to London, so any recommendations.



    Hey All! LifeAfterLondon is a great site… what an amazing concept to support everyone moving away. I love the idea of this forum post… for those who are moving back in. Perhaps this is the best place to get the true comparison of live In and Out of London. If my wife and I can be of any help feel free to ask here, or if it’s the kind of question that is maybe more personal, you can always ping us at We love giving free advice to as many people as we can (thats why we created ) but sometimes it’s nicer to share it on a forum, like this…



    James, you say you are moving to London soon.. is it Area recommendations you want? If so, post on the forum what you are looking for (busy, quiet, good tube or bus links, near to a train station, budget, family area or not) and we’ll give you some suggestions. Or you can check out our free area guides at: We make the guides as personal as possible and mention more of the aspects we think you would really care about!



    We are moving to London from Perth, Australia with our 5 year old and dog, just wondering if anyone has any advice on renting with a dog (areas which have good dog parks, best ways to neg with landlords on allowing pets,houses with garden-and are they likely to be furnished/unfurnished) and living in an area with good primary schools as well as max 30 min commute to either soho area or waterloo (job location yet to be confirmed)…We’ve lived previously (before kids!) in Islington an enjoyed it, though didn’t need school or park then!! I would like to walk everywhere (school, shop, big dog park) if possible. thankyou!!!


    Belinda Aspinall

    Hi there Coralie Hopefully we will get you some answers but as a London dweller myself I thought I’d answer! I live around SW18 – which is Wandsworth and it’s a fab area. Train into Waterloo which is very easy and a very family friendly area. Good schools and lots of families. Parks (wandsworth common) big shopping centre and easy into central London. Loads of dogs around and even better a very handy local website called for all local questions! I’ll do my best to get some other areas covered for you but this area is great!


    Sam Edington

    Hi James,

    if you are looking for help finding a home in London, we’d be delighted to assist you.

    We are buying agents/ relocation agents and specialise with the London area.

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    All the best




    Hi Coralie
    Islington is still great! We have a 7 and 4 year old but no dog, a good park would be Highbury fields for both human and canine. There are plenty of small playground parks for children towards Clerkenwell and Barbican and there’s the Regents canal to cycle or dog walk along. We’ve used it a lot this Summer, strolling to the fantastic water fountains in Granary Square behind Kings Cross and then moving on to Camley Street nature park for a bit of pond dipping!
    For a more countryside feel I would recommend around Highgate village. My brother lives there with 2 dogs and they are always in Highgate woods, strolling across the vast expanse of parkland (then we gatecrash with the monsters and monkey around the great playground there).It’s a fantastic space for families and dog owners but does come with a bit of a price tag.
    Hope my penny’s worth helps.x


    Sam Edington

    Hi Coralie,

    We’ve got a lot of experience with your predicament- many of our clients we’ve relocated have animals and similar requirements to you.

    There are roughly an equal amount of furnished and unfurnished properties on the market at any one time.

    When negotiating with the agents, I would simply put your dog in the best light possible (friendly, quiet, house trained) and tell the agents the dog will remain on the ground floor and even better in the kitchen. Be prepared, you will likely have to put down 8 weeks deposit as agents see there is an increased ‘ware and tear’ risk.

    In terms of locations, SW London is ideal for your situation and depending on your work commute, there are a number of locations I would suggest (Fulham, Battersea, Clapham, Balham ect), Wandsworth being one of them. Please feel free to contact me for further info on 020 3638 3561 or visit our website to learn more about our services if we could be of help to you.
    All the best,

    Sam Edington



    Hi Coralie,

    I cannot help on renting with a dog, but I can recommend Twickenham and nearby St Margarets as an area in which to live. It’s not the cheapest area for renting, but it’s ideal if you’re looking for a family/community-centred location with loads of green spaces for lovely walks, and quick access to Central London.

    Twickenham sits on the river Thames and has very fast train links into London Waterloo – it’s 5/6 trains an hour – the fast trains only take 20mins, door to door. It’s also only a 4-minute train/bus ride, or a 15-minute walk to lovely the Richmond, where you can pick up an Overground or District line tube train.

    There are many beautiful parks here – too many to mention – all of which have vast spaces with ample room for dogs and children to run. There are also several smaller playgrounds dotted around the town, specifically created for children. Twickenham Green is also lovely for picnics, particularly when the cricket is on in the summer.

    As well as the River Crane, there is also a gorgeous river walk along the Thames which leads directly to Richmond. Twickenham has excellent family-friendly pubs, cafes and restaurants, plus a beautiful cobbled street, with amazing independent restaurants and boutiques. Of course, it’s also great if you’re a rugby fan!


    Belinda Aspinall

    another reply from a Londoner on our facebook page (
    In regards to a place with parks, and good commuter links to Waterloo and Soho, clapham north is a great area. You have Clapham Common, there are lots of amenities in clapham. A direct train route linking to Victoria that takes 5 mins, and the Northern line that’s only 20mins from Waterloo. There is also a leisure centre, library, cinema, doctors, sainsburys, and lots of other shops and restaurants. If they based themselves bedford road side of clapham north then Brixton is only 10mins walk away with yet more shops, the Victoria line, another leisure centre and Brockwell park is only 10mins drive from brixton. Hope this helps!



    Hi Coralie – I’ll add a plug for my neighbourhood, Brackenbury Village, in Hammersmith. We’ve lived here for 14 years, raising 3 girls, and really love it. We walk or cycle everywhere, the area has fantastic schools (primary, secondary, state, private), great restaurants, cafes and shops, and we’re only a few minutes from Ravenscourt Park and the Thames. Beyond all that, though, we love the community feel and the fact that neighbours know each other and look out for each other.

    Interestingly, since I’m posting on Life After London, living in Brackenbury is the reason we didn’t leave London. We thought about it as our oldest daughter was about to start secondary school but decided that Brackenbury gave us all a good mix of city and country-style living.

    Good luck with your move!



    Hi Coralie
    How fantastic that we are all so enthusiastic about where we live!
    I love London, and am really happy in Putney. Close to the river and it’s little parks (great for kids), near to Richmond Park, and 20 mins on the train to Waterloo. We have a great community, so if you are thinking about moving this way please dont hesitate to get in touch! Debbie



    Hackney is cool and buzzy, anywhere near Victoria park is great. Although there are quite Alton of traffic fumes over that way!
    Have you tried Ealing? Still fairly cheap nearer to hanwell?



    Love living in Putney – great place to bring up a family and more! For more local info look at




    I do understand this is an old post but I do feel that I need to spread the word about Superb Moves.
    We used and they were excellent. Our move wasn’t easy, with a number of things needing to go into storage and then being delivered on the move day but it all went very smoothly. I’d definitely take a look at them. Highly recommended

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