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    Hi there,
    Was hoping some of you could give some advice please, my fiancé and I are looking to move from our South London flat to Hertfordshire, have been talking about it for ages but our search has been escalated due to having to move out of our flat due to nightmare nightmares.

    I grew up in Digswell / Welwyn but we wanted to move somewhere new for both of us. Having done initial research we like the looks of Royston and Baldock, also looking at Meldreth and Shepreth as we need to be walking distance to a train station.

    Found this forum and just wondered if anyone could offer any advice or areas to avoid. Any information much appreciated, we’re trying to sell our flat at the moment (which is very difficult due to all the issues we’ve had with our neighbours) and are desperate to move on with our lives.

    Thanks in advance,



    The areas you mention are all nice and on the decent train line. Avoid Hitchin as the prices there have gone crazy and will come down soon I’m sure. Avoid the train line in East Herts as it is terrible. Friends of mine that relocated there are regretting it due to the poor train service.



    Hi,I know it’s been a while since you posted but we’re in a similar position. Hoping for Hitchin but considering baldock as slightly less expensive alternative. Just wondering where you chose in the end and how things worked out? Hope you’re in a happier place now and Neighbour issues a thing of the past!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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