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    Belinda Aspinall

    We’ve had this post on our new facebook group (to visit the group click here.

    Hoping we can find some help to this question.

    It’s a very specific question but can you offer any advice?

    I live in Cambridgeshire but looking to move closer to either Herts, Bucks or Berks to be closer to family. We have a physically disabled daughter and would need to change hospitals and other bits and pieces. Does anyone have experience of paediatric care/children’s wards,physio/occupational therapists in these counties? Thank you 🙂




    We’ve only just seen this so apologies for the delay.

    We don’t have any specific recommendations to make regarding paediatric care in Herts but there are a number of decent schools and thriving support groups/networks/clubs in the East Herts/Essex area that we are aware of.

    It may be, depending upon where you move to, that your daughter’s care may switch to Great Ormand Street. That is certainly the case with some of our friends and acquaintances.

    If you would like to know about the clubs (and if it is not too late due to the delayed response) please feel free to ask.


    H&H Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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