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    I am looking at moving to Bicester, Oxfordshire with my family for my partner’s work.

    We are open to the surrounding area but need somewhere not far from Bicester for his work and easy to get to Oxford on public transport for mine.

    Also we need a good secondary school for the kids which they would be able to make their own way to. They are 14 and 17, the younger one is a really good student and the 17yr old does sports and basketball at school. Any opinions of The Bicester School?

    We are into athletics/running clubs, outdoorsy stuff like fishing, country walks with the dog, day trips to nearby areas etc.

    Any recommendations of areas, towns, schools, things to do etc would be much appreciated. Overall opinions of the area? We are considering Kidlington, Banbury or even Buckingham or Brackley but only if that would be suitable for school for the kids.

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