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    I’ve lived in Barnes, SW London, and surrounding area for pretty much all my life. We are seriously considering moving to Beaconsfield with our two young children. I’m wondering if anyone else has done a similar move to Beaconsfield who could let me know how they found it. I love the town, and commute into London is great – but I feel apprehensive about settling in, meeting people etc. Any advice hugely appreciated!



    Hello / I was wondering whether you ever made this move? We’re about to move there from Dulwich and having last minute jitters!



    Hi Katriona,

    I moved from Shepherd’s Bush to Beaconsfield 2 years ago – I have two sons who are 4 ( receptions year) and 2. It’s lovely to have a bit more of a peaceful life, no rushing through a ton of ppl to get to a shop for milk! There are a few other ex- London mums around. Tons to do for the kids. When are you moving? X


    Yes we did make the move in November! Took a few months to get settled in but really happy to be here and enjoying finding our feet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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