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    Hello all,

    Me and my partner have finally decided to move out of London. We both currently work in London, and wanted an area that was quick access to the trains going into clapham junction. We looked into the Woking and Knaphill areas. I really liked Brookwood and Horsell. But would like to know more from others who have lived there.
    We can’t decided where to move to? We want to buy a house eventually but we want to know the area first via renting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Leisure centre
    The areas in general



    Hi Cristal,

    We have been living in woking for more than a year now; as you know its a commuter town, and you reach London under 30 mins. The trains frequency is also awesome around 15 trains a hour. the best bits are very costly like Horsell, West End. If you prefer living within walking distance from the station, then horsell, St Johns village, the part which is closer to Goldsworth Park school are really good. But houses mostly go above half million.

    You can get cheaper houses in Goldsworth Park area which is 2 miles away from the station and say 10-15 mins drive; You can also look further to Knaphill, Brookwood where you can get quite a good number of houses within 400k. They are also good places to settle but you have to consider driving to the station.

    Hope that helps !! Good luck



    Hi Sparkles,

    Thank you for the information. We have a car, don’t mind driving to the train station. I’ve had a proper look at West End and Horsell, too pricey. 450k-500k is the top of our budget.
    We have arranged a few viewings for rental fingers crossed.




    We used to live in York Road in a lovely house before we moved to Beer in Devon to run holiday cottages. Try the roads around the leisure centre as that’s a good part of Woking. Also other areas are out on the A320 towards Worpolesden – cheaper houses but you can drive to the train station. Hope this helps. Good luck with your search.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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