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    My husband and I have sold our London flat and are moving.

    We have considered many areas outside London, and a couple of years ago decided on Guildford. We have recently refined this to Milford/Godalming/Witley.

    We seem to be able to find a house in our budget, and have done a lot of internet research on schools/commute/shops etc. However we still haven’t actually spoken to anyone from the area!

    We don’t have a family, but are looking to buy a long term home for the future. Just wanted to see if anyone had any advice/comments/opinions on this area in particular.




    It is a lovely area. I live in Guildford but spend a lot of time in Godalming as I teach classes for under 5’s at Mummas & Beans a child friendly cafe in Godalming. The high st itself is lovely with lots of independent shops and good restaurants/cafes etc. Milford agin has a nice community feel to it and Secretts garden centre with it’s farm shop, PYO etc has been a favourite haunt.

    Lots of lovely pubs and lovely villages nearby. Good connection to A£ and into London and Guildford and Farnham close by for bigger towns.



    Hi Jodie,

    I moved from North London approx 5 years ago and now live in Godalming. The place has a high sense of community spirit and is quiet and tidy. You have good restaurants, independent coffee shops, pizzeria etc. There are plenty of other good pubs close by in the country too. There are fine wine and cheese shops, butchers, veg shop, fish shop, 3 art galleries, regular High St food festivals to name just a few things.

    There is a lovely park with the River Wey running through it, you can stroll all the way to Guildford along the river bank too.

    Overall moving to Godalming has been the best thing ever !



    Thanks for your responses. All very useful!

    I think we’ve made the right choice on area…now to find the right house!



    Can we suggest that you log on to and order a copy of the Visit Surrey guide for 2013 – it has a page on Godalming and information on places in that area and the surrounding area. Or pop into Guildford and visit us at the Tourist Information Centre in the High Street. We look forward to welcoming you to Surrey.



    The further south you go the prettier it is. Whitley station is a good commute to London as you can get a seat and park for free on Brook Road if not within walking distance. haslemere shops are very good



    There is an excellent community centre named the clockhouse, in milford. Pay a visit and say you new to the area and want to know more about it. You will find a freindly response. Ask for Joy.



    Hi Jodie,

    Just read your posts.

    I’ve just started researching this pretty town as a possible location for my mum, would love to hear how you got on if you did move.




    We moved out from SW London just over 6 years ago and haven’t regretted it for one minute. Between , Guildford, Farnham and Haslemere there is a great selection of high street and independent shops as well as lots of lovely cafés, pubs and restaurants. Tonnes of activities for children as well as lots of lovely countryside so great for walking and cycling etc. Schools are excellent in all three places you are looking. Big plus about this area is that London is in such easy reach that it’s easy to pop up for a few hours even just to meet someone for lunch. Re houses I run a small property search company so know the housing pretty well. Do look off the main road in Witley and Milford as there are some lovely quiet pockets with lots of different kinds of housing stock. The Petworth Road can be pretty busy…good luck with your search – you won’t regret the move!



    Hello Jen,

    Thanks so much for your reply. Could I contact you direct regarding your property search company?




    Hi Jodie
    I am a property finder, local to the area and have been living here for nearly 20 years. Godalming is a great place to live, with plenty to do, good rail links to London, good schools, restaurants, pubs, etc, etc.
    If you would like a half day orientation of the area, let me know.
    01428 652660


    Hi Jodie & Emma
    If either of you are still looking for that elusive “Right Property” I would be delighted to help. I am a property search consultant based in Farnham covering all of Surrey & Hampshire. Feel free to look at my website and contact me by email or phone.
    Richard. 07769 32 57 58

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