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    We are a family of 4, with the kids aged 6 and 4, and having almost moved out of London once, we are now going to try again. I like the look of Maidenhead as it’s not too far to commute and house prices are reasonable. However, that’s about all I know! Could anybody help with any info on Maidenhead and the surrounding area?




    I don’t live there but I have been a few times.

    It’s a bit of a commuter town, but there are decent things like a cinema etc and the town isn’t too bad. Windsor is close for a day out with the kids.

    Bray is probably the nicest area around there.

    Hope that helps in some way!




    i live very close to maidenhead, my son’s childminder is there and I have worked in several of the local schools. What would you like to know?



    Hi,Maidenhead is not the prettiest of Berkshire Towns but does has some nice parts and is close to Bray,Cookham and Windsor.
    Rail links to the Capital set to improve with cross rail completion and improvements.
    Maidenhead has some of the most affordable housing in The Royal Borough and road links are good.
    Hope this helps,my advice is to spend a few days there and surrounding towns as the area changes rapidly very quickly.



    Thanks everybody! Does anyone have any idea what the schools – Primary & Secondary – are like?



    Hi we moved to Cookham Dean (15 mins from Maidenhead) last Spring and haven’t looked back! Think Maidenhead schools are good, the shopping centre doesn’t win prizes but you’re still close to London if needs be and the commuter trains from Maidenhead to Paddington are very quick and, as has been said above, they’re going to get better so property near there could could be a good investment. The countryside around is fab and beautiful Marlow is not far away. Good luck!



    Secondary schools seem to sound good from what I’ve heard from parents of older children and friends who have grown up round there. As a former teacher I hate to point you Ofsted’s way but the reports are a starting point and there are a LOT of secondary schools in Maidenhead. The Cookham primary schools are quite good but not sure about Maidenhead and surrounding areas.



    Hi Charlie

    I’ve lived in Maidenhead for almost 19 years, on the north side in the Furze Platt area. We’re a five minute walk from fields that interconnect up to National Trust land at Pinkneys Green; five minute drive to the town centre and shops; a seven minute walk to the Furze Platt Halt on the Marlow Donkey (single track railway line between Maidenhead and Marlow), which links to Paddington or Reading; and 10 minutes to the M4 and 12 minutes to the M40.

    The beauty of Maidenhead is its connections and quick access to varied countryside and the rest of UK. The less attractive side is the identikit shopping area – too many hairdressers and mobile phone shops – but there is Waitrose and M&S, and all the basics. Marlow, Windsor, Reading and London are all easily accessible for something more individual; though hopefully the arrival of CrossRail in 2018 will help to drive up the standard of the town centre, as it brings in more people – certainly the proposed town development plans aim to achieve this.

    I’ve commuted to London and elsewhere from here; though the trains and the roads are becoming increasingly crowded, like elsewhere. My children have grown up here (3 girls) and this has been a great base for all their activities and developing needs, with lots to do for entertainment across the area. International travel is very easy via Heathrow.

    Housing is varied, mostly starting in style from the Victorian period. Beyond the few estates, no two roads are exactly the same and often the housing style will vary along a single road – very different to London. The different areas of the town have their own feel, but nowhere is very far apart. I suggest you have a good wander round with a street map and a marker pen to identify where suits you best.

    There is a broad choice of schools, both state and private sector, and a number of the senior schools in the wider area run bus routes that incorporate Maidenhead. If you want grammar schools, then they are mostly over the county boundery in South Bucks (nearest is Marlow). Being in catchment is very important for all state schools, more so for the grammar because of their popularity.

    I originally came from London and my wife from Wales, and Maidenhead has proved an excellent base for the whole family – so much so that we haven’t seen the need to move for all this time.

    Coincidentally, I’m a property buying agent so if I can be of service in helping you relocate then please feel free to contact me for a further chat, at no obligation.

    Best wishes




    Recent council press release about gcse and a level results.
    A new free school sposored by eton is coming soon.



    Development seems to be slowly picking up. I know the council has plans/strategy for “publicc realm” improvements (mainly town centre and river) ie paving, lights, art etc… Odd thing here and there already but not sure of timescale. Plans for restoring the town centre waterways have permission.

    Several of the parks have green flags (some ranking thing).



    Hi Charlie

    Maidenhead is an extremely popular town with families. As Mark explained, the location is great! It’s situated in close proximity to Windsor, Bray, Reading and London is an easy commute!

    As Rebecca said, there are a number of highly commended schools in the area. We’ve got a great tool on our website which can help you find these and view the Ofsted reports, Key Stage 2 reports etc. You’ll find all of the information from nurseries to universities throughout Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire here!

    As Nicholas pointed out, the introduction of Cross Rail in 2018 is leading the town to be very popular with Investors. In fact, it’s recently been named the second best place in the UK to invest by the Times, and the fourth best in Europe to invest. Prospect have a dedicated Investment Club, with experts who can assist you if you’re interested in an investment opportunity.

    There are a number of local amenities in the area, from a fantastic array of restaurants and pubs to leisure centres, shopping centres, cinemas and sporting facilities. Again, you can find some more information on these on Prospect Lifestyle.

    Nicholas is right, there is a lot of choice when it comes to property in Maidenhead. We currently have Apartments, luxury terraces, detached family homes ranging from all eras and even a beautiful thatched cottage, on the market, with prices to suit any budget ranging from £130,000 to £1,250,000– to give you an idea!

    If you wish to find out anything more about Maidenhead or the surrounding areas and the property available, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01628 563 777 or find more details here –



    Maidenhead is a great location, although it does not have the character that it once did. If you want to find things to actually do then take a look here:

    This website has also literally just launched a new forum, so if you want to discuss issues with local residents then it might be worth registering on their forum here:



    Hi, Bray has been recommended as the nicest part of Maidenhead. Are there any other parts. The most important thing for me is the neighborhood as I would love to move into a nice and friendly neighbood with not so noisy neighbours. Could anyone recommend the best part of maidenhead to look at. I have a budget of around £450k-£500k so I would like to stay away from any council estates.


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