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    Hi all

    Would absolutely love the feedback/advice/experiences of anyone here!

    We’re a couple who’ve been living in West London for the past 6 years (and London in total for 20 years) and like many people, lockdown has made us realise that not only do we not need to be based in London for our jobs, but that we deserve a better quality of life. So we’re selling up and looking to move ideally to Oxfordshire/South Cotswolds and would love advice as to where might suit us!

    Husband will still need to travel to London sometimes for meetings so ideally around 1h/1h15 max train, and not somewhere miles from a station or a nightmare drive to get to one in the morning. Whilst we want a better quality of life and more space and beautiful surroundings we don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere – so a thriving market town would be perfect.

    Been looking at Hanborough/Kemble/Kingham as potentially really good stations to commute from – are we missing any tricks here? Woodstock sounds like it would suit us well, but is the commute into London still a nightmare?

    Any thoughts or advice so very gratefully received – thank you so much!



    Hi Lisa-Jane

    We are a couple who live in Westwood Green, Cookham, Berkshire.

    We would highly recommend Cookham for commute to London – I have worked freelance as a Software Developer, and have often had to commute to London and Swindon by rail over our 24 years here. Our house is a 3 bed semi with large garden and garage conversion for office/study, overlooking a lovely privately owned green just 3 minutes walk from the branch line station of Cookham, near Maidenhead. Cookham is a lovely rural village on the river thames.

    Your commute time is about right with our experience (via Paddington), depending on where in London you end up. With Crossrail coming shortly, commute time from Maidenhead to Liverpool St will be 46 minutes. The commute from Cookham to Maidenhead is 10 minutes or just under – 1 stop between Cookham and Maidenhead.

    We are moving pending retiring, to the Norfolk Broads. It has been a brilliant location for when I have needed the business travel connections.

    I know I may sound like I am selling, which of course I am, but Cookham really has served us well when wanting the compromise between a nice rural setting whilst still having all the business and travel connections.

    There are a number of properties on sale atm and well worth a look I would say.

    We have just gone on the market on Friday with a local agent as per here (also on the property portals): https://www.andrewmilsom.co.uk/properties-for-sale/property/10259957-westwood-green-cookham. We have only been on the market for a day, and already have 4 viewings booked.

    Good luck with your search!

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