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    Hello, we’re thinking of moving from Sw London to Winchester and are looking for a bit of advice please! We have two young boys (3 and 1) so want somewhere family friendly. My husband will be commuting to London so ideally close to the station. We’re planning on coming down in a few weeks to do a reccee and would love some advice on the best places within Winchester to visit. I’ve seen people mention Fulflood and Hyde. Can anyone shed any more light on these areas and recommend anywhere else?

    Our eldest will start primary school in sept so this needs to be a consideration (is it also an issues considering we will miss cut off for application)?

    Ideally we want to be somewhere near station, with a community feel, shops and cafes and a bit of a buzz.

    Any must-sees?




    Dear Pippa
    The areas mentioned definitely are worth researching, Hyde is affectionately renamed Winchester’s ‘Nappy Valley’ and Fulflood are both very close to the station. Hyde has St Bede’s School and has the advantage of being next to parkland and Winnall Moors and its watermeadows. The sports centre is another attraction but its future looks like it will be relocated to the edge of Winchester. Another area is St Cross, but that depends on budget as the majority are large town houses or otherwise apartments. The draw though is St Faith’s CoE junior school or St Peter’s Catholic school and ultimately feeding into Kings when they are senior school age, but their waiting lists are oversubscribed.
    As far as community is concerned, the children will be a great icebreaker and ensure you are committed to a life of servitude as mum and dads taxi service…public transport is not like London. Lots of cafes and pubs and restaurants…some would say too many at the expense of a big range of shops, which always surprises bearing in mind that we are the county town. The city centre is about old or contemporary town houses, the edges are about larger housing estates and later architecture. Physically the city is small, but it is between 2 National Parks, the best sailing waters in the world, so for those who like the outdoors will never be disappointed


    Belinda Aspinall

    A message from a member

    We go to the Winchester Farmers’ Market roughly every month (it’s held twice a month and is a real gem) Parking in the city is free on Sundays and we don’t go on other days. When I was looking in the Winchester area (houses about £100,000 more than Basingstoke because it’s classier and “nicer”), I found Charters estate agents particularly helpful. They are at the top of the pedestrianised High Street. Loads of people commute from Winchester, so the trains are good, but Basingstoke is even better – they’ve just built a multi-storey car park and because trains go on the Winchester and Salisbury lines, you can go almost anywhere by train. Husband commutes on Monday morning and Wednesday evening and you never need to worry if he misses a train because there’s always another one!


    Belinda Aspinall

    Another message from the lady who runs Winchester Mums

    As per Adrian’s response but I would also add that Fulflood has a great community feel and is largely families. Newsagents, great cafe (the bean below) and pizza restaurant as well as being 15 mins walk from city centre, 5 mins from station. We lived in Fulflood for 8 years and loved it. But have friends in Hyde and St Cross and friends/family with children at pretty much every primary school in the city (St Bedes, western, westgate, St faiths, St. Peter’s, Stanmore, to name but a few) and all are happy with their choice.

    We now live in Twyford which is only 3 miles from Winchester, lots for families – good schools, playgroup and toddler groups, and walkable to Shawford station (my husband commutes to London twice a week)

    In Winchester, fulflood and Hyde are your best bets for the station, St Cross a little bit further but still easily walkable.



    I agree with all the above in terms of desirable areas; Fulflood and Hyde are definitely the most popular – driven by access to the station and school catchments but there are other options too. Depending on your budget, the Teg Down area, a little further out to the NW of the city, offers a good residential area; close to a good doctor’s surgery and Waitrose and is in catchment of Weeke primary school which is OFSTED outstanding. I have a friend who commutes from this area to the station and London every day.

    Most schools are either good or outstanding so you can’t go wrong wherever you focus on and out of experience, having moved out of London, the best thing is to visit some schools, get a feel for where you like and then be prepared to compromise depending on the housing stock available when you are ready to look. We took a rental to be in the right area and get our daughter into our chosen school. Once you know the area more, it is easier to find the right house for you.

    When you are ready to begin looking, do call me at Hamptons International on 01962 842030.



    Thanks all for your help! We’ve come down this weekend and got very excited which is a good sign and had a good look around areas. Elaine i will give you a call next week!




    hi we have have a chance of moving down to Winchester from London soon..Stanmore area.. dawn gardens just off Romsey road would love some info about the area..things to do shops ..any useful info would be greatly appreciated

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